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Obama – We’ve Tried Capitalism, It Doesn’t Work – Democrat Communism Works, Call It Middle Class Economics

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A few weeks ago Hussein Obama started using his new a new catch phrase he coined to describe his “dynamite” Marxist labor movement in the United States. He’s calling it “middle class economics.” The devil is always in the details, especially when the Devil is the source.

Obama defines the middle class as a socially dependent bloc of workers along the line of a Marxist proletariat. For a “president” who campaigned as the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, why does he so much resemble Vladimir Lenin?

He’s created a large class of State-dependent unemployed and benefit addicts, so in that context, someone working, even at a job on the lowest end of the pay scale, can be defined as the middle class. Also, with wages declining with the ever-shrinking opportunities, the middle class is not what it used to be. What it is, increasingly, is the upper end of poverty.

He rants about things that “aren’t an accident.” What those things actually aren’t is “the truth.” His audience is ignorant, which is proven by the very fact that they even bothered to waste an hour out of their lives to subject themselves to these lies. They’ll believe what he’s saying and that if they just give this “recovery” more time, things will get better. And in the meantime, while they’re waiting, there’s always welfare.

The national liar says:

  • “It’s not an accident that our manufacturers are creating jobs for the first time since the last time a Democrat was president.” Really? No manufacturing jobs were created in the U.S. since the year 2000?
  • “It’s not an accident that healthcare inflation’s running at the lowest rate in almost fifty years.” The costs are frozen temporarily and artificially by the staged implementation of obamacare and through heavy federal subsidies. When the actual costs start hitting the population over this and the next few years, that fact will be painfully evident. Of course, that is designed to be the problem of the next president.
  • “It’s not an accident that deficits are falling faster than they have in sixty years” is just simply a bold-faced lie, again, to the attendees who have no idea what a deficit is, let alone how it is trending or what that means to America.

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