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February 4, 2015
State Department
     Again this year 2015 like in the past since president Obama is in office, US State Department gives visa   to  Samuel Formell, the murderer of an old lady that was killed to rob  from her a tape recorder. Per a niece of the death woman she was beheaded. The group Los Van Van is already here, and will have concerts in several cities, the last one will be on August 1st , 2015 in Miami per TicketMaster 

     Formell was sentenced to 18 years in jail, but because of his father ties with the communist non elected government of Cuba, only served less than six months and was released.
     Will it be posible to override  the visa to Formell and his group? Not only because he perhaps  lied to you to obtain such visa many times, but if you and Obama Administration condemn similar crime from ISIS , why to ignore it when is done by a privileged man in Cuba.
Miriam Mata

Terrible murder executed with his own hands an old woman. Havana shuddered with that horrendous fact, but many knew that the protective mantle would cover the crime. It would be very appropriate that the act does not stay alone in protests but terminated before US authorities with complete indolence give visa and allow a criminal to perform 70 concerts in the United States. 

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