Viernes, 01 de noviembre de 2013

The end justifying the means

Bill O'Reilly has never explicitly called President Obama a liar

in the health care debate, but said Thursday night that there

has been "deception at the highest level" and Obama
has deliberately misled the American people because he

ultimately believes the ends justify the means when it comes

to imposing national health care on the American

O'Reilly argued, "In order for the USA to become a progressive nation...

the federal government must control key aspects of American life."

Therefore, Obama doesn't concern himself with people calling him

out for untruths and misleading statements
 because he just doesn't care. "The president believes his vision for

America, including health care for all, is more noble than any truthful

statement, so he justifies his actions, even if deceit is involved."

And liberals are perfectly fine with this approach, O'Reilly argued,

because they also believe the end justifies the means and the world

would be a better place "if we all listened to him."


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