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Doc Expert Unloads: Obama Forgery Greatest Crime; Bloodless Coup By Communist Party

Exclusive: Interview with Doug Vogt, 
Petitioner for Birth Certificate Forgery Affidavits
By Sharon Rondeau | The Post & Email

(Oct. 29, 2013) — Following the submission of two affidavits at the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington on October 18, The Post & Email contacted the petitioner, Douglas Vogt, to ask him key questions about his claims that the short-form and long-form birth certificates of Barack Hussein Obama are forgeries and that the identity of the forger and other criminal assistants is known.

On October 18, 2013, Douglas Vogt filed two affidavits with
the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington
requesting that a special federal grand jury be empaneled to
examine evidence of forgery, fraud, and treason in
the matter of Obama’s forged birth certificates

Vogt is owner of Archive Index Systems, which markets scanners, copiers and document imaging systems.  Previous to that, he owned and operated a typesetting business.  An accountant by training, Vogt has also worked as a certified public accountant.  Vogt has performed exhaustive research and published books on science and history.

Vogt maintains that the two fraudulent birth certificates were produced by the Hawaii Department of Health in cooperation with several employees there, including the director, Loretta Fuddy.

The public affidavit, or “Notice,” can be read here:  Notice Doug Vogt 10-18-13

A Memorandum of Law accompanying the Notice explaining the need for a second, sealed affidavit is here:  Memo Doug Vogt 10-18-13

On Monday, The Post & Email interviewed Montgomery Blair Sibley, who lent his legal expertise to producing the affidavits.

In March, we had spoken with Vogt about his findings to date, at which time he had hinted that he would take action on the forgery in his home state of Washington.

In June 2011, less than two months after it was posted on the White House website, Vogt submitted an affidavit and 28-page report to the FBI detailing why the long-form birth certificate was a forgery but received no response.

THE POST & EMAIL:  When did you conceive of the idea to file your conclusions with a federal court?

MR. VOGT:  Over a year ago.  I had seen what was going on with cases being put into court by various lawyers and thought they were approaching it all wrong.  My background is accounting. I have a degree in accounting and was a public accountant for a number of years.  When I was reading Title 18 code regarding the section on forgery and other sections, there were two things that came out that I found very interesting:  one was misprision of felony and the other was misprision of treason.  These say that if you learn of a felony committed against the United States, you’re supposed to report it.  Each one has a different reporting sequence, but both of them involve a United States judge, which today is called a U.S. federal judge.

No one has ever used the statute.  Usually a prosecutor uses it to force someone who has firsthand knowledge of a crime but never reported it; they use it to compel the person to confess or he would get three or seven years in prison.  For misprision of felony, it is a fine or three years in prison, and misprision of treason is seven years in prison or a fine.

When I read those two laws and thought about it, I said, “When they get it, they really don’t have much choice if the evidence I have is compelling; they have to give it to a federal grand jury.  Montgomery Blair Sibley had come to the same conclusion when I met up with him through a mutual friend about six months ago.

It took me about a year.  I already had some of the points of forgery, but now it’s up to 20 points of forgery.  Paul Irey and I did the research on this.  As I’ve told Paul, it’s the gift that just keeps on giving.  The last thing I found was that the registrar stamp was deliberately altered, with different variations of the alteration.  For a forger, the easiest thing in the world to forge is a registrar’s stamp; you just take a legitimate one, scan it and copy it, and put it on your forgery.  Then why was the forger altering it in ways of changing the line spacing, even the word spacing, on some of them?  The size of the beginning of the line of the type is different from the text size at the end of the line.

The affidavit and the book that Paul and I are writing could actually be used as a textbook for forensic examiners when you’re dealing with an electronic document for which there was never an original. You have to know quite a bit, unfortunately.  We’ve been doing this for two years.  Fortunately, with Paul’s experience of Photoshop – I have knowledge of Photoshop but not like him; Paul’s been doing it since the first version of it in the ’80s – our experience in typesetting and my knowledge of scanners and the technology and software, we knew we had so many ways to prove the birth certificate a forgery, and this is the culmination of it.

THE POST & EMAIL:  When will your book be published?

MR. VOGT:  Paul has to do two chapters and I have to do some also.  I don’t have a big publisher yet and I am looking for one. I have 11 chapters done in a 17-chapter book. They are all easy chapters and short.  The hard evidence is in the earlier chapters.

THE POST & EMAIL:  I recall when we spoke in March, you had intimated that you were contemplating an action in your home state containing the criminal evidence.

MR. VOGT:  Yes, I knew about misprision of felony and treason and pretty-much knew what I was going to do.  What I think has made the Obots and the others nervous is they see the public affidavit, which is over 15,000 words with 21 exhibits, but they don’t know what’s in the sealed one.  The sealed one is almost as big; it’s over 12,000 words and has at least 14 exhibits to it.  This is major.  When I say I have nailed them to the wall, I really did.

THE POST & EMAIL:  Are you 100% sure of who the forger was, the alleged financier and propagandists you mentioned in the affidavit?

MR. VOGT:  Yes, of the main characters.  It’s not my job to investigate all of the Obots; a special prosecutor would do that, including pulling the phone records.  The internet connections and everything like that is already there; the NSA has it.  A federal grand jury can subpoena all of those records, and people cannot withhold it.  They cannot withhold evidence subpoenaed by a federal grand jury.  If [Hawaii Department of Health Registrar Dr. Alvin] Onaka refuses, the judge issues an arrest warrant. It’s obstruction of justice, a felony, and they can’t refuse it.

It’s serious business.  It’s the only way to get to this guy.  It avoids the Justice Department and the FBI unless they come around.

I want to say right now:  I feel very bad and sorry for the leaders of the FBI; the CIA, a few of whom I know, and the good lawyers in the Justice Department.  They must be extremely mad; I know that’s the case for the military, as friends of mine have told me.  They’re as mad as all hell, but they can’t really do much; most of them are just good bureaucrats and don’t want to endanger their pensions and their salary.  But somebody had to do it, and it looks as if Paul and I, with our backgrounds, were “stuck” having to do it.  No one else came forward.

I want to say one thing that is really important:  whatever judge does this knows that he will go down in history.  This is the worst crime in American history.  There’s nothing worse than this.  It’s on the same order but vastly larger than the Benedict Arnold trial.  We can’t find this crime happening in any other country anyplace in history:  a foreign enemy agent – this guy is a Muslim and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood – wound up becoming president by a conspiracy between communists and Islamists to install him in office so he can destroy the country from within.  That’s what the crime is.  These people better understand that if it gets to a grand jury and they find that the evidence I have is correct – and they’ll find more of the conspiracy – the penalty for treason is death.  I can’t imagine these people escaping that particular penalty because of the nature of the crime and what Obama has done to the country in getting us to over $8 or $9 trillion more debt than Bush had when he left office.  These people are going to hang.  It’s the worst crime in American history; nothing comes close.

                                                      http://www.birtherreport.com/2013/10/doc-expert-unloads-obama-forgery.html                                              MORE

On 11/05/2013 was denied. 


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BEAR WITNESS  published my article under SPECIAL REPORTS with the title of Indoctrination of Children in Cuba and Operation Peter Pan.

The decision of Cuban parents to send their children to the US to become temporary orphans was based on the Cuban government's indoctrination of their children.

Attention U. S. Parents!

Today in the U.S., the same indoctrination is being spread at the state level by an "educational standard" called "Common Core."  The state of Maryland is currently trying to impose Common Core standards in our school system.  A Howard County Superintendent of Schools plans to go to Communist China to learn about their school system.  The American people, especially parents, need to be aware of what it is so they know what is being proposed for their children.

There has been a concerted effort to keep Americans ignorant about communist subversion and techniques.  It is evidenced by the absence from Hollywood, media and academia of films, movies of the week, miniseries, documentaries and investigative reports of their atrocities.  Not even the existence of a museum dedicated to the over 100 million victims of communism (deaths) all over the world.  In contrast, Americans know more about the defeated Nazi Party (National Socialist Party) of Adolf Hitler--as important as it is, it was much smaller and is over, but pay attention, it too was Marxist Socialism.

It is vital now more than ever that Americans become acquainted with the communist system, the promises, lies, deceptions, propaganda, character assassinations and indoctrination techniques they use in order to take over nations.  One way is to instill a COMMON educational system.  Note "Common Core" and "communism".  As soon as the general public begins to see the connection, they will change the name to hide the connection, but don't be fooled:  look at the details in the article titled STOP COMMON CORE STANDARDS! and decide if this new education is what you want for your children.

See my note at the end of the article published by Bear Witness.

Agustin Blazquez

From: Bear Witness Central [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Saturday, October 05, 2013 10:13 PM To: XXXX Subject: Bear Witness - The Road Ahead


Waking up America  -  Despertando a America

                         October 5, 2013

Dear member,

Bear Witness Central brings you featured articles of current importance and interest to all.  The articles posted here are just a selection of articles available at our website, please visit us frequently for latest posts and videos.   







The Road Ahead

By Frank de Varona


In order to preserve America’s rich heritage of liberty and freedom given to us by our Founders and to stop the new Dark Age of tyranny that the Obama administration is  imposing on the nation, American patriots must take several important steps. Americans need to preserve and live in a free constitutional Republic. Given the strong action and involvement of good men and women in the nation, Americans shall remain free.

All freedom-loving American patriots must unite and stand together to defend their beloved nation. It is crucial to work together with all tea parties, patriot, religious, and conservative organizations as well as with the Republican Party to capture the Senate and keep the House of Representatives in 2014. This will put an end to Obama´s road to a socialist totalitarian society. Congressional Republicans should not be afraid to sue the president in federal courts and/or file impeachment charges should Barack Obama continue to violate the Constitution. Enough is enough!  Continue Reading>

The Real Shutdown of America!

The premeditated dismantling of our constitutional republic With all of the uncivil rhetoric about the current shutdown, emanating from the White House and Democrat members of Congress, aided, and abetted by the puppeteer-controlled media, should we be expecting another shooting by a crazed leftist in a gun-free zone?


The real shutdown of America began years ago, and it has reached a pivotal point in the march towards the premeditated dismantling of our constitutional republic.  Both major political parties have contributed to this political, spiritual and economic, Bataan-like death march towards a Godless, Constitution-less, dictatorial satellite of the U. N.

[Read More...]

Indoctrination of Children in Cuba and Operation Peter Pan

"Common Core" is the same educational system the communist regime of Fidel Castro imposed in Cuba in the early 1960s.  It is the norm in all totalitarian communist regimes.  Each child will have a file from birth to death with all his information, including his conduct, his friends and his parents.  Based on that information depends what he would be studying, what kind of job he will be assigned, … [Read More...]



The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress

It is impossible to read “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” without being convinced that Obama’s education in communist ideology stretches from the extracurricular education he received from Communist Party mentor Frank Marshall Davis in Honolulu to his recruitment as a New Party candidate in Chicago, with strong ties to the Democratic Socialists of America. … [Read More...]








Collecting personalized information on both behavioral and academic criteria on our children and making that data available to federal, state and outside contractors is a serious breach of expectations of privacy and the law. Once parents find out that their child’s data will be collected without their permission, there will also be an enormous backlash against elected officials who favor invasion of child and family privacy and the promotion of COMMON CORE  Send a Petition!.… [Read More...]


Florida Stop Common Core Coalition has published a POLICY ANALYSIS which we encourage you to read and share with your family, friends, and...legislators.

The COMMON CORE POLICY ANALYSIS document can be read downloaded and shared here.



For more information and video presentations on why we need to stop Common Core please visit our Common Core site.   Bear Witness Central is a member of the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition.




Bear Witness Central is reaching out to all Americans with our bilingual newsletters and English and Spanish websites in preparation for the crucial 2014 elections.  It is very important that we reach out to those that do not get the information that the media sensors.

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Obamacare can be defunded without Senate approval

 United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts addresses the dedication ceremony during the grand opening of the Newseum
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts addresses the dedication ceremony during the grand opening of the Newseum. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
October 2, 2013

When the House passed legislation to defund ObamaCare but would keep the government running through mid-December, the Senate, led by Senate Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) stated that they would not budge on Obamacare and the legislation was defeated.

On Monday, Dr. Harold Pease, an expert on the United States Constitution, stated that the authority in dealing with Obamacare funding belongs to the U.S. House, not the U.S. Senate and that the House is doing this all wrong.

Pease said, “Everything hinged upon funding which was given exclusively to the House of Representatives, the only power that they alone had.”

Pease went on to say, “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills. To fund anything, in this case Obamacare, first approval is required by the House of Representatives.”

“If that does not happen taxpayer money cannot be spent. The people, through their representatives to Congress, have determined, after a three-year closer scrutiny of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), that it does not protect the patient, is not affordable and is not even workable; hence in the interests of the vast majority of the people needs to be defunded.”

When the United States Supreme Court ruled on Obamacare in 2012, Chief Justice Roberts stance on Obamacare coincides with the intent of the U.S. Constitution, explained by Pease, and the powers between the House and Senate.

According to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, Obamacare cannot be implemented and is not considered the law of the land, contrary to Democrat claims.

Bubba Atkinson of the Independent Journal Review wrote, “Chief Justice Roberts actually ruled the mandate, relative to the commerce clause, was unconstitutional. That is how the Democrats got Obama-care going in the first place. This is critical. His ruling means Congress can’t compel American citizens to purchase anything, ever. The notion is now officially and forever, unconstitutional. As it should be.”

“Next, he stated that, because Congress doesn’t have the ability to mandate, it must, to fund Obama-care, rely on its power to tax. Therefore, the mechanism that funds Obama-care is a tax,” said Atkinson. “He struck down as unconstitutional, the Obama-care idea that the federal government can bully states into complying by yanking their existing medicaid funding. Liberals, through Obama-care, basically said to the states — “comply with Obama-care or we will stop existing funding.” Roberts ruled that is a no-no.”

When the House attached Obamacare to the legislation in funding the government, it made a mistake in doing so and the funding of Obamacare should have been separate, thereby giving the Senate no power in denying the Houses’ request to defund Obamacare.

Pease said, “House opposition to funding Obamacare would have been far more powerful if made a “stand alone” bill not attached to general funding, but it is not. “Stand alone,” having no other parts, would have left the Senate no wiggle or compromise room once it went to them, nor would there be for the Joint Conference Committee thereafter that reconciles any differences between the two houses. There would be nothing to reconcile, Obamacare is merely defunded.”

“Still, the intent of the Founding Fathers was to give the people, through their House of Representatives, the power collectively to say no to any proposed federal tax, which she is decidedly doing.”

[Edited for clarity] If Obamacare is removed from the government budget, presented, and voted on as a separate bill, Obamacare can be defunded by the House. If that is the case, then the Senate and the President can vote yes or no and if the vote is no, then the Obamacare bill can sit in the House with no funding.

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October 2, 2013


To all senators members of the Democrat Party on Facebook at:



Per your own party definition at http://www.democrats.org/about/our_party


" Democrats believe that we're greater together than we are on our own—that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, when everyone does their fair share, when everyone plays by the same rules. Our party, led by President Obama, is focused on building an economy that lasts—an economy that lifts up all Americans. That's why Democrats are working to advance issues like job creation, education, health care, and clean energy—and you'll find all the information you need on these important issues right here on Democrats.org."
Do you  remember ? http://www.democraticnationalcommittee.org/op/history_dnc.html

Thomas Jefferson founded the Democratic Party in 1792 as a congressional caucus to fight for the Bill of Rights and against the elitist Federalist Party. In 1798, the "party of the common man" was officially named the Democratic-Republican Party and in 1800 elected Jefferson as the first Democratic President of the United States. Jefferson served two distinguished terms and was followed by James Madison in 1808. Madison strengthened America's armed forces — helping reaffirm American independence by defeating the British in the War of 1812. James Monroe was elected president in 1816 and led the nation through a time commonly known as "The Era of Good Feeling" in which Democratic-Republicans served with little opposition.

John Quincy AdamsThe election of John Quincy Adams in 1824 was highly contested and led to a four-way split among Democratic-Republicans. A result of the split was the emergence of Andrew Jackson as a national leader. The war hero, generally considered — along with Jefferson — one of the founding fathers of the Democratic Party, organized his supporters to a degree unprecedented in American history. The Jacksonian Democrats created the national convention process, the party platform, and reunified the Democratic Party with Jackson's victories in 1828 and 1832. The Party held its first National Convention in 1832 and nominated President Jackson for his second term. In 1844, the National Convention simplified the Party's name to the Democratic Party.


Why are you acting today like a member of any Latin America's politicians to follow an elected "caudillo"  like it was with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela or Cristina Kirschner of Argentina?

Since in English the meaning of caudillo does not exist, here is a translated page for you to understand.


..." Many leaders were demagogues and manipulated the population. In some cases, warlordism led to dictatorships with a crackdown on opponents. In others, however, warlordism Suited and federal democratic regimes were established in Latin American countries."...

And above is what democrats senators are doing at this time. Why you can not  stop this nonsense and behave like an elected official which the people gave  authority to protect their freedom instead of mutilate it to please the caudillos like President Obama and Senator Reid?

My way or the highway is not the American way, it's the way of an elected dictator which you are following without a single disregard that your are wrong to impose controls on people and that is the reason behind Obamacare which most Americans are not use to live under our Republic.

With today's technology you can not fool the people, Republicans did not closed the government. Democrats did not closed the government, it was the caudillos above.

 Please wake up and free yourself  from this nonsense,  not for the next election but instead for the future generations.


Miriam Mata

[email protected]





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