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BEAR WITNESS  published my article under SPECIAL REPORTS with the title of Indoctrination of Children in Cuba and Operation Peter Pan.

The decision of Cuban parents to send their children to the US to become temporary orphans was based on the Cuban government's indoctrination of their children.

Attention U. S. Parents!

Today in the U.S., the same indoctrination is being spread at the state level by an "educational standard" called "Common Core."  The state of Maryland is currently trying to impose Common Core standards in our school system.  A Howard County Superintendent of Schools plans to go to Communist China to learn about their school system.  The American people, especially parents, need to be aware of what it is so they know what is being proposed for their children.

There has been a concerted effort to keep Americans ignorant about communist subversion and techniques.  It is evidenced by the absence from Hollywood, media and academia of films, movies of the week, miniseries, documentaries and investigative reports of their atrocities.  Not even the existence of a museum dedicated to the over 100 million victims of communism (deaths) all over the world.  In contrast, Americans know more about the defeated Nazi Party (National Socialist Party) of Adolf Hitler--as important as it is, it was much smaller and is over, but pay attention, it too was Marxist Socialism.

It is vital now more than ever that Americans become acquainted with the communist system, the promises, lies, deceptions, propaganda, character assassinations and indoctrination techniques they use in order to take over nations.  One way is to instill a COMMON educational system.  Note "Common Core" and "communism".  As soon as the general public begins to see the connection, they will change the name to hide the connection, but don't be fooled:  look at the details in the article titled STOP COMMON CORE STANDARDS! and decide if this new education is what you want for your children.

See my note at the end of the article published by Bear Witness.

Agustin Blazquez

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                         October 5, 2013

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The Road Ahead

By Frank de Varona


In order to preserve America’s rich heritage of liberty and freedom given to us by our Founders and to stop the new Dark Age of tyranny that the Obama administration is  imposing on the nation, American patriots must take several important steps. Americans need to preserve and live in a free constitutional Republic. Given the strong action and involvement of good men and women in the nation, Americans shall remain free.

All freedom-loving American patriots must unite and stand together to defend their beloved nation. It is crucial to work together with all tea parties, patriot, religious, and conservative organizations as well as with the Republican Party to capture the Senate and keep the House of Representatives in 2014. This will put an end to Obama´s road to a socialist totalitarian society. Congressional Republicans should not be afraid to sue the president in federal courts and/or file impeachment charges should Barack Obama continue to violate the Constitution. Enough is enough!  Continue Reading>

The Real Shutdown of America!

The premeditated dismantling of our constitutional republic With all of the uncivil rhetoric about the current shutdown, emanating from the White House and Democrat members of Congress, aided, and abetted by the puppeteer-controlled media, should we be expecting another shooting by a crazed leftist in a gun-free zone?


The real shutdown of America began years ago, and it has reached a pivotal point in the march towards the premeditated dismantling of our constitutional republic.  Both major political parties have contributed to this political, spiritual and economic, Bataan-like death march towards a Godless, Constitution-less, dictatorial satellite of the U. N.

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Indoctrination of Children in Cuba and Operation Peter Pan

"Common Core" is the same educational system the communist regime of Fidel Castro imposed in Cuba in the early 1960s.  It is the norm in all totalitarian communist regimes.  Each child will have a file from birth to death with all his information, including his conduct, his friends and his parents.  Based on that information depends what he would be studying, what kind of job he will be assigned, … [Read More...]



The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the US Congress

It is impossible to read “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within” without being convinced that Obama’s education in communist ideology stretches from the extracurricular education he received from Communist Party mentor Frank Marshall Davis in Honolulu to his recruitment as a New Party candidate in Chicago, with strong ties to the Democratic Socialists of America. … [Read More...]








Collecting personalized information on both behavioral and academic criteria on our children and making that data available to federal, state and outside contractors is a serious breach of expectations of privacy and the law. Once parents find out that their child’s data will be collected without their permission, there will also be an enormous backlash against elected officials who favor invasion of child and family privacy and the promotion of COMMON CORE  Send a Petition!.… [Read More...]


Florida Stop Common Core Coalition has published a POLICY ANALYSIS which we encourage you to read and share with your family, friends, and...legislators.

The COMMON CORE POLICY ANALYSIS document can be read downloaded and shared here.



For more information and video presentations on why we need to stop Common Core please visit our Common Core site.   Bear Witness Central is a member of the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition.




Bear Witness Central is reaching out to all Americans with our bilingual newsletters and English and Spanish websites in preparation for the crucial 2014 elections.  It is very important that we reach out to those that do not get the information that the media sensors.

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