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Obama Failed E-Verify Update: Employees With Same SSN Problem As Obama Fired

September 24, 2013 | Obama E-Verify Update
By Linda Jordan

I just came across this case concerning E-Verify and No-Match letters.

Around 2004 Shaw’s Supermarkets received a No-Match letter from the Social Security Administration and E-Verify identifying 32 employees whose names and Social Security Numbers did not match SSA records.

The employees were given 9 months to go to their employer or to the SSA to correct the information if they felt it was erroneous. None of them did and so they were fired.

The Union objected. An Arbitrator was called in. In UFCW, Local 91 v. Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc., Case No. 1130 82 05 the Arbitrator agreed with Shaw’s and concluded that the employees’ failure to comply with Shaw’s repeated requests to resolve the “no-match” justified Shaw’s decision to discipline the employees.

Two years ago I notified Barack Obama on September 24, 2011 that, as one of his employers, I had received a “no-match” letter after running his name, birth date, SSN and claimed citizenship status through E-Verify. The SSN he was using did not match up with SSA records. It had also been flagged with a Special Indicator Code for fraud. He was directed to confirm or correct his name, SSN, birth date and citizenship status.

Obama has never responded and has not corrected the record. Who is the Arbitrator for a case like this and can we fire Obama?

Linda Jordan

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Failed E-Verify Letter to Barack Obama From Linda Jordan - Obama's Connecticut Social Security Number

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