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Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions, Scrubbed of Terror References

Gen. Petraeus Surprised by Terror References Yanked

Original Talking Point Also Lies

Busted: State Dept Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland Deliberately Lied

Whistleblowers Told Take Desk Job or be Terminated and Don't Talk to Investigators

More Whistleblowers May Come Forward, Including CIA Officials

Sources: Benghazi was About Running Missiles to Syrian Rebels
(a.k.a. Al Qaeda)

MSNBC Utters "Impeachment"

BBC: Heads Will Roll


Obama Fired 3 Generals, 1 Admiral to Cover Up Benghazi

Dems Trying to Undermine Witness Testimony

WH Met Privately with Press to Discuss Benghazi

Politico Reporter Calls It a Distraction

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Boehner: Key Emails Could Point to Benghazi Cover-Up

Image: Boehner: Key Emails Could Point to Benghazi Cover-Up

Thursday, 09 May 2013 11:11 AM

By David Yonkman, Washington Correspondent

  • House Speaker John Boehner is calling on the White House to release a series of key emails between a State Department official and the Libyan consulate following the Sept. 11, 2012, terror attack in Libya which could demonstrate a whitewash of the events.

    On Sept. 12, 2012 – the day after the attack that killed four Americans and four days before U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice’s five Sunday show appearances – a senior State Department official emailed her superiors to alert them that the terror attacks were conducted by Islamic terrorists, Boehner told reporters at a press briefing on Thursday.

    Related: Schoen Says Benghazi to Follow Hillary’s 2016 Presidential Bid

    "The State Department would not allow our committees to keep copies of this email when it was reviewed," Boehner said. "I would call on the president to order the State Department to release this email so the American people can see it."

    The White House continues to claim it made only "stylistic" changes to the talking points used by Rice, ignoring the fact that senior White House officials directed the changes to the talking points, Boehner said, referring to testimony from a House Oversight and Investigation Committee hearing held Wednesday on the attack.

    A recently released interim report on an investigation by House Republicans into the attacks quoted specific emails in which the White House and State Department insist on removing all references to a terrorist attack to protect the State Department from criticism for providing inadequate security, Boehner said. A few members of Congress were able to review these emails, but they were not allowed to keep them or share them with others.

    "Last November, the President said he was 'happy to cooperate in any way Congress wants,'" Boehner said. "This is his chance."

    "The truth shouldn’t be hidden from the American people behind a White House firewall," Boehner continued. "Four Americans lost their lives in this terrorist attack. Congress will continue to investigate this issue, using all of the resources at our disposal."

    © 2013 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/boehner-benghazi-obama-cover-up/2013/05/09/id/503651?s=al&promo_code=136F2-1##ixzz2SpdqnWpO
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Gowdy Questions at Benghazi Hearing

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Multiple Obama Birth Certificates Surface In Alabama Eligibility Case

Barack Obama between flags SC Multiple Obama Birth Certificates Surface In Alabama Eligibility Case
Not that we are surprised, but now there are multiple copies of Barack Hussein Obama’s “real” birth certificate that are surfacing and they are clearly indicating fraud. In a rare move, the Alabama Democrat Party has submitted an amicus brief in the McInnish Goode v Chapman Appeal case. The reason being is most likely because the Alabama Supreme Court has Chief Justice Roy Moore presiding over it. The Alabama Democrat Party just submitted a completely different birth certificate than the one that was posted at the White House website in 2011.

Larry Klayman, the plaintiff’s counsel submitted the forgery of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate that was posted to whitehouse.gov on 4-27-2001 (seen below). Fogbow/Jack Ryan obot group produced another bogus one. Still a third birth certificate has been submitted by Alabama Democrats to the Supreme Court.
Remember, this court is being presided over by Chief Justice Roy Moore, who supported Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, when he believed Obama to be a usurper and denied following orders to deploy to Iraq until Obama proved his eligibility as part of keeping his oath (ironically Lakin was not supported by Mr. Oathkeeper Stewart Rhodes). Another justice on the court by the name of Tom Parker will also hear the case. He has stated in a previous case: “McInnish has attached certain documentation to his mandamus petition, which, if presented to the appropriate forum as part of a proper evidentiary presentation, would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the “short form” and the “long form” birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public.”

Read More:

Read More at freedomoutpost.com 

My fellow Americans, the Democrats are telling on themselves left and right. They are openly lying to you about the man in the Oval Office and everyone thinks there is something more important? I don’t think so. Yes Benghazi is important. Yes, Fast and Furious is important. However, it appears that for the first time we have a man in the White House that we cannot really say is even from this country and apparently there is some serious felonies taking place in attempts to cover up what should be the biggest story covered in America and that is to expose a usurper to the office of President of the United States.
In case you are still thinking this doesn’t matter, might I suggest you consider how this would impact things, versus impeachment for Benghazi or Fast and Furious? Understand that this would potentially nullify every law he has signed, every executive order he has given, and every Supreme Court appointment he has made. While many are saying that Benghazi is bigger than Watergate, and it most definitely is, the Obama eligibility issue is bigger than all Obama’s scandals, in my opinion, because of the tentacles around things that it affects.
H/T Pat Dollard

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An Open Letter To The U.S. Secret Service

President with Secret Service Detail SC An Open Letter To The U.S. Secret Service

Dear Sirs and Madams,

It must be getting tougher by the day to serve two masters.

On one hand, you must serve the American people by upholding

the U.S. Constitution; you have sworn to God that you

would defend and protect it while serving in the capacity of protecting

the office of the President of the United States.

On the other hand, you must protect the

Muslim/Communist plant who currently holds this office.

It must be an extremely tough job, knowing that you may have

to take a bullet for someone who is hell-bent on destroying America.

You must not get very much sleep at night.

You are bound by your oath to protect a man who wouldn’t think

twice about throwing you under the bus, such as he did with the

Latin America hooker scandal. You are forced to go out and investigate

average American citizens just because they have the GUTS to

stand up and voice their opinions against this illegal regime.

I believe that your efforts would be better served if you upheld

your OATH to the Constitution and investigated the

DOMESTIC ENEMY in the White house (a  job that Congress and the

mainstream media couldn’t seem to find time to do.) You may be surprised.

Why don’t you start with Obama’s ties to the Weather Underground


Or maybe the illegal gunrunning operation known as Fast and Furious.

Or, if you get bored with that, try the illegal gunrunning operation

through Turkey into Syria, during which our U.S. Ambassador and

three other brave Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya (the

Obama regime continues to cover this up.) Or maybe you can look

into the reasons why LTC. Terry Lakin, the chief surgeon for the joint

chiefs of staff, refused to deploy to Afghanistan because he had reason

to believe that Barack Hussein Obama is not a legal POTUS.

How about going back to basics and just starting the vetting process

of Obama himself? I’m sure that Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ could help you out

with that one. Much to investigate there, from a FORGED birth certificate

to a stolen social security number and forged draft card.

Or how about studying what the Constitution says about a President

of the United States heading up the United Nations Security Council?

No need to chase your tails around the U.S. to make sure that

NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZENS are not a threat to the

office of the President. THE REAL THREAT TO AMERICA IS THE

PRESIDENT, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! Godspeed, my friends, if you do

your jobs and investigate the man whom YOU are supposed to take a

bullet for. As I always tell my readers, stay safe and be

aware of your surroundings.



Respectfully Yours,

Tim Powers

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Sheriff Joe's Obama Document Fraud Investigation Injects New Life Into Obama Eligibility | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sheriff Joe's Obama Document Fraud Investigation Injects New Life Into Obama Eligibility

Court decision pending on challenge to presidency

A week ago, Democrats quoted late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel in their demand that a challenge to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president be dismissed.

Now, those raising questions about Obama say they are bringing in professional law-enforcement investigators to shed light on the dispute.

It comes in a case brought by attorney Larry Klayman in which 2012 Constitution Party presidential nominee Virgil Goode and Alabama Republican Party leader Hugh McInnish are seeking to force Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman to verify that all candidates on the state’s 2012 ballot were eligible to serve.

The case, dismissed at a lower level, is now being appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court, where strict constitutionalist Roy Moore was elected chief justice last November. The case becomes all the more intriguing because Moore is on record previously questioning Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

Last week, the Democratic Party insisted, “In order for one to accept the claim that President Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery [and that he is ineligible], one has to buy into a conspiracy theory so vast and byzantine that it sincerely taxes the imagination of reasonable minds.”

The document scoffs at “birthers” as a “tiny cabal of zealots” and quotes late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel – not widely recognized as a constitutional expert – to make its case: “These people could have personally witnessed Obama being born out of an apple pie, in the middle of a Kansas wheat field, while Toby Keith sang the National Anthem – and they’d still think he was a Kenyan Muslim.”

Now several blogs whose authors have been documenting the back and forth of the long-running dispute over Obama’s birth place, time – and subsequent eligibility to be president – confirm that Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., and his special Cold Case team lead investigator Mike Zullo will be providing evidence in the arguments.

Arpaio is one of few law enforcement authorities to look into the issue, and he launched his formal Cold Case Posse investigation into Obama’s qualifications at the request of his constituents. Already, Arpaio and Zullo have confirmed that evidence shows the birth documentation released by Obama as proof of his birth in Hawaii is fraudulent. [...] - Continued at WND.

RELATED: Alabama Supreme Court: Serious Questions About Authenticity of Obama's Birth Certificates - DETAILS HERE.

PREVIOUS REPORT: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Orders Obama Investigators Assist Alabama Supreme Court Case - VIDEO HERE.

FULL VIDEO: Arpaio: Obama Birth Record Definitely Fraudulent: National Security Threat - VIDEO HERE:

((( This High Definition video was produced in 720P HD – Select the HD quality setting for optimal viewing experience )))

2006: Obama In Kenya: I Am So Proud To Come Back Home - VIDEO HERE. 

2007: Michelle Obama Declares Obama Is Kenyan And America Is Mean - VIDEO HERE. 

2008: Michelle Obama Declares Barack Obama's Home Country Is Kenya - VIDEO HERE. 

FLASHBACK: Obama Is The Original Birther! Obama In 1991 Stated In His Own Bio He Was Born In Kenya. DETAILS HERE. 


-ARTICLE II ELIGIBILITY FACTS HERE: http://www.art2superpac.com/issues.html

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