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Need help from Conservatives to expose the agenda behind Yoani Sanchez. No Conservative group or news  in English is exposing her silence at the The New School in New York. Most of the opposition is in Spanish like  from the well know  Journalist  Zoe Valdes and others.

Please read my message at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/coco-fusco/whos-afraid-of-yoani-sanc_b_2950637.html

Coco Fusco is not telling the opposition of many anti-communists to Yoani Sanchez and her silence after she aplauded the imagen of Che Guevara as an icon of Palestinian Resistance on the big screen. This can be see on the short video at the New York University


To see the full video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=724b2Mg7tB4

Humberto Capiro I'm not attempting to divide the Cuban exile, did you watch the full video? For more than 20 minutes Yoani watched how the Palestinian resistance uses Che Guevara icon as their leader. At the end with the picture of Che and the Palestinian ( HAMAS) you can see her applauding. She then spoke and not one word about Che not that day or any other time. I kept myself neutral until I saw that video, then I began reading other people about Yoani past like Zoe Valdes and many others. Will Yoani give an apology? I doubt it since she was at a leftist forum at the New York School University. For your information, I believe she is being used by the cuban government to do what your are saying of dividing the exile. My father in law was killed at the firing squad by orders of Che, I as conservative cuban-American have the right to give my opinion about her ideas related to the embargo to Cuba and other issues which I do not agree.
Here again the first Video in full
and on the second video


listen to minute 59, about the question of her not agreeing with Congresswoman Ros about Palestine Resistance and she did not answer, but instead spoke about her disagreement with the American embargo to Cuba.

Miriam Mata



Join Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez
in a historic TweetUp!

Come and experience the power of technology and innovation in driving social change with Yoani Sanchez at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami on April 3, 2013 from 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. EST.  The event will be moderated by Univision’s Pamela Silvia Conde of Primer Impacto.

Can’t make it to the Arsht Center? The event will stream LIVE on AskYoani.com

Join the conversation and engage with Yoani by tweeting your own questions to #AskYoani or #YoaniResponde

How YOU can participate in this historic tweetup:

1) Register now to attend the event at the Arsht Center in Miami, and bring used cell phones and USB drives with you.

2) Host a watch party and listen LIVE on Univision.com or ABC.com

3) Ask Yoani your own questions via Twitter. Click here to tweet using #AskYoani

4) Mobilize the power of social media! Organize a cellphone or USB collection drive

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communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressiveNOOSE TIGHTENS FOR OBAMA AND HIS CO-CONSPIRATORS

Obama InvestigationWithholding Details to Prevent Blowing the Case ...Evidence is Overwhelming

Lady Who Forged Obama's B.C. IS KNOWN! ...Great Legal Summary! Lots of People ought to be Scared to Death, Incuding Fox's Bill O'Reilly!

Bill O'Reilly Finally AdmitsObama is Keeping His College Records from Public View...Must Know Tide has Turned


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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Video: The Movie Officer's Oath: LTC Terry Lakin Needs Your Commitment

- LTC Terry Lakin -

The Movie Officer's Oath: LTC Terry Lakin Needs Your Commitment - VIDEO BELOW:

Published on Mar 16, 2013


Commander Taffy Productions was formed to create feature-length motion pictures with poignant, uplifting messages. Stories that touch hearts and challenge minds are at the heart of the projects we intend to produce, bringing together some of the best talents in the industry as well as introducing up-and-coming stars to the viewing public.

We have landed on a touching story of heroism, patriotism, and faith in "Officer's Oath: The Terry Lakin Story," which will be our first major production. Currently, the screenplay is being crafted by accomplished writers Jack Cashill and David Mercaldo. This is a story that America needs to hear! It will challenge many preconceived notions, not only about Terry, but also about our country.

The first marks have been made on the whiteboard, and our team is now in full-swing enlisting the necessary investors, production team, and talent in a journey that promises to be monumental and life-changing. If you are interested in being a part of any of those aspects of this production, please drop us a line at the contact email above, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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