Martes, 11 de septiembre de 2012

Cold Case Posse:

"Obama's Selective Service Card poorly forged."

Sign Petition Demanding Congressional Action:

The Petition


Petition Demanding A Congressional Investigation

Into Barack Obama's Eligibility:


By signing this petition I am demanding an immediate Congressional Investigation into the electronic birth certificate released by President Barack Hussein Obama as well as his forged Selective Service Card and his very questionable social security number which can't even pass the e-verify test.  By signing this petition I am also agreeing that members of congress that will not do the job we elected them to d




Please note that this petition is hosted by  They may ask signers for a donation to support their site after you sign the petition.  Please note that this is not required and  you may simply close out of the site after signing.  Any donation you might give them will go to support the ipetition site not the sponsor of this petition.

This petition was written and posted by Mark Gillar,

the host of


o, particularly in a matter of this importance, should  be voted out of office.


Sign Petition Demanding Congressional Action:

Sheriff Arpaio's Commander Mike Zullo

Blames John Boehner For Congressional

Inaction On Obama!

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