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Obamanation (One Painting That Says It All)

I chose to use an undisclosed studio so I could paint privately, without interruption, to focus on the task of embedding in a single painting all the subtle, mindless, radical and dangerous atrocities of the Obama administration. 

I am just one person, a citizen of this country using my first amendment rights to speak out through my art. This is my declaration that we have never had a president do more to harm our country than Barack Obama.

To those who scoff or wish to trivialize this painting, I challenge you... I DARE YOU... study the links of the various symbols and metaphors that you see. There are over 60 in the painting. No person can analyze this image and learn about these facts and still, in good conscience, vote for Obama in 2012. 

I do not hate Obama, but I hate the fact that I had to paint this picture. Has the painting gone too far? I knew when I did this that most Obama supporters would reject what I have done. But as a Conservative, I'm fed up with the corruption in Washington. And I'm sick of the political correctness that has derailed our country!

My art is an expression of the times in which I live and people will know how Jon McNaughton felt about being alive in America in 2012.

Take the Challenge! If you still choose Obama,'re a part of the Obamanation.

Go to

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Jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012

Similiarities Between Obama And Hitler
A Factual Comparision

The similarities are terrifying, the conclusion inevitable.

 On March 23, 1933, the German

Parliment met to consider passing a bill that Adolf Hitler

had created called the Enabling Act. It was officially called

the 'Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich.'

Why were the German people in such distress? Because

their government was in utter chaos, and the German

leaders wanted to reassure the people that everything

would be ok. The only fly in the ointment

was that the Nazis had, behind the scenes,

caused the distress themselves by creating

the crisis, so that they could step in and solve it.

Sound familiar?

America under Obama is now a democratic Republic in name only

Hitler promised the German people that the government would

"make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential

for carrying out vitally necessary measures...The number of cases in 

which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law

is in itself a limited one."

So the German congress voted on the bill, with the end result being

the legal destruction of the German Democratic Republic.

The bill gave Hitler enormous,

unprecedented powers to do as he saw fit for the government

of the German people. It was the act that offically created a legal

dictator who was answerable to no one. The people cheered,

and National Socialism became the 

law of the land from that day forward. source - The History Place

Powerful speeches to hypnotize and control the eager masses

who came to hear them speak

Today, Barack Obama is changing times and laws in America,

giving himself unprecedented power

never before seen. His ObamaCare bill.

now the law of the land, empowers him to create his own

private army
, forces citizens to abide by unconstitutional laws,

and will use the IRS in much the same

way that Hitler used his brown shirts to make people get in line

behind his policies. Many Americans

will awake to late to the fact that Obama has subverted the

United States Constitution, and stolen

our precious liberties and freedoms. That's why Obama's

followers are encouraged and taught to 

follow and have faith in Obama the man, and not in our God

or in our country. This is exactly the 

ploy that Hitler used to great and terrible effect in Nazi Germany.

Rep. Dingell admits that the goal of ObamaCare is to 'control the people'.

Some people would balk at the comparison between Hitler and Obama,

saying it was unfair. After all, Hitler started WWII and killed 11,000,000 Jews

and Gentiles in death camps, and Obama has done nothing like that.

Well, it's only unfair if you compare Hitler at the end of his rule to the

beginning of Obama's. But if you compare Hitler and Obama at the

beginning of their rise to power, it's extremely fair.

Similiarities between Adolf Hitler & Barack Hussein Obama
Both Hitler and Obama held rallies in outdoor stadiums to excite and inflame the people's passions. Frequently women would faint or break into tears.
Both Hitler and Obama wrote ghost-written autobiographies prior to the start of theri run for political office. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle), and Obama wrote Dreams Of My Father. Both men then wrote a second book talking about their goals
for German and America. Hitler wrote A New World Order, and Obama wrote The Audacity of Hope.
Both Hitler and Obama originally had last names that were changed later in life. Hitler used to be Schickelbruber, and Obama's last name was Soetoro.

Both Hitler and Obama hid their real identies. Hiter had a Jewish ancestry, and Obama
a Muslim one. But unlike Hitler, Obama flaunted his Muslim roots in his start as a politician in order to defuse the inevitable firestorm. His ploy of "hiding in plain sight" worked very well.

Both Hitler and Obama's supporters followed them blindly, and without question
Both Hitler and Obama used political power and coercion to conceal and hide their birth certificates from coming to public view. Hitler made his disappear, and Obama is unwilling and unable to produce his long-form birth certificate.

Both Hitler and Obama advocate using young people as a driving force to create an "army" of youth dedicated to their Ideals. Hitler had his Hitler Youth, and Obama his
Obama Youth Brigade.

Both Hitler and Obama were known for their tremendous oratorical skills
Both Hitler and Obama received Messianic comparisons, and both men had songs of adoration written about them and for them.
Like Hitler, Obama rules in direct disregard to the will and wishes of the people.
Like Hitler, Obama has an obvious distaste for the Jews, and sides with the Muslims every chance he gets.
Both Hitler and Obama were able to mezmerize the people even when it was obvious that what they were saying was not true.
Both Hitler and Obama used domestic terrorists to launch their careers. Hitler had his Brown Shirts from his beer hall days, and Obama had people like Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and Rashid Khalidi.
Like Hitler, Obama advocates using murder as a means of population control.

Still think it's an unfair comparison? You won't after watching this -

Obama youth pledging allegiance to Obama and promoting his agenda

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Martes, 28 de agosto de 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Trump Slams Media's Birther Bias: Navy Seals Release New Ad Slamming Bowing Obama

Trump Slams Media's Birther Bias: Navy Seals Release New Ad Slamming Bowing Obama Donald Trump via Twitter: Media silent when @BarackObama called @MittRomney a murderer & felon. Mitt mentions...

America Doesn't Need A Birther-In-Chief: America Already Has A Birther-In-Chief

'America doesn't need a birther-in-chief'Exclusive: Joseph Farah spotlights irony of Obama campaign's response to Romney jokeJoseph Farah @ WND TAMPA, Fla. – In rapid response to Mitt Romney’s joke to...

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S?bado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Intelligence and Special Operations forces are furious and frustrated at how President Obama and those in positions of authority have exploited their service for political advantage. Countless leaks, interviews and decisions by the Obama Administration and other government officials have undermined the success of our Intelligence and Special Operations forces and put future missions and personnel at risk. 

The unwarranted and dangerous public disclosure of Special Forces Operations is so serious -- that for the first time ever -- former operators have agreed to risk their reputations and go 'on the record' in a special documentary titled "Dishonorable Disclosures." Its goal is to educate America about serious breaches of security and prevent them from ever happening again.

Use of military ranks, titles & photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement of the Dept of the Army or the Department of Defense. All individuals are no longer in active service with any federal agency or military service.

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Martes, 14 de agosto de 2012

Published on Aug 14, 2012 by

With every paycheck, Americans paid more

and more into Medicare. Now, when you need

it most, President Obama cut Medicare to pay

for Obamacare. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will

strengthen Medicare and protect the commitments

made to current seniors.

Debate joined on Medicare; Romney, Obama go at it

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama in person and in TV advertising Tuesday of cutting Medicare "to pay for Obamacare," launching a strong counterattack to Democratic charges that he and running mate Paul Ryan would radically remake the popular health care program that serves tens of millions of seniors.

The charge drew a blistering response from Obama's campaign, which labeled the ad dishonest and hypocritical.

Obama "has taken $716 billion out of the Medicare trust fund. He's raided that trust fund," Romney said at a campaign stop in Beallsville, Ohio, as he neared the end of a multi-state bus trip punctuated by his weekend selection of a ticket mate.

"And you know what he did with it? He's used it to pay for Obamacare, a risky, unproven, federal takeover of health care. And If I'm president of the United States, we're putting the $716 billion back," he said.

Aides said a commercial containing the same allegation would begin airing immediately in several battleground states, although they declined to provide details.

In a campaign without summer doldrums, the rival sets of ticket mates campaigned in a half-dozen of the most hotly contested states, in settings as diverse as a coal mine in Ohio (Romney); a wind farm in Iowa (Obama) and a casino in Nevada (Ryan.)

Vice President Joe Biden stirred controversy in Virginia when he said the Republicans would favor the big banks over the interests of consumers. He said Romney has said he is "going to let the big banks once again write their own rules. Unchain Wall Street."

"They're going to put y'all back in chains," Biden told his audience.

Romney's campaign reacted strongly to that, saying the comments were "not acceptable in our political discourse and demonstrate yet again that the Obama campaign will say and do anything to win this election."

But that tempest was modest compared to the building struggle over Medicare.

Romney's criticism on that subject appeared an attempt to gain some measure of control over an issue likely to play a significant role in the outcome of the election. Florida, Pennsylvania and Iowa are among the top five states in the country in the percentage of people 65 and over, and all three are battleground states.

In a rebuttal issued shortly after the Romney TV ad was released, Obama spokeswoman Lis Smith said the president's health care law did not "cut a single guaranteed Medicare benefit, and Mitt Romney embraced the very same savings when he promised he'd sign Paul Ryan's budget. ...The truth is that the Romney-Ryan budget would end Medicare as we know it."

In the days leading to Ryan's selection, opinion polls generally showed a close race with Obama holding a modest advantage despite a sluggish economy and unemployment of 8.3 percent. Romney's pick for a running mate drew enthusiastic support from conservatives pleased that he had tapped a lawmaker known as an intellectual leader of the effort to rein in big government benefit programs and reduce future deficits.

But Democrats, too, said they were happy with the selection. They have quickly set out to draw attention to Ryan's plans, which contain deep cuts in projected spending in social programs as well as changes to Medicare for future retirees, and to try and saddle Romney with their political ownership.

Polling generally shows that the public places more trust in Democrats' ability to handle Medicare than they do Republicans, and that people also generally oppose plans to replace the current program with one in which future seniors receive a fixed amount of money from the government to be used to purchase health coverage.

At the same time, polling shows the public strongly believes the financial security of Medicare as well as Social Security must be guaranteed for the long term, and government reports for years have warned of a looming shortfall if something isn't done to change course.

Ryan and Romney have both cited a desire to right the program's finances as a motive for their plans.

Moreover, Romney's attack during the day suggests he hopes to overcome a generic Republican disadvantage on the issue by telling voters that Obama has cut spending for a program that is overwhelmingly popular, and put the money toward one that is controversial.

"So now the money you paid for your guaranteed health care is going for a massive new government program that's not for you," says the announcer in the ad, referring to the health care law that Obama signed into law in 2010. "The Romney-Ryan plan protects Medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation," the ad concludes.

Ryan, interviewed on Fox News Channel, said he and Romney believe Medicare can be a winning issue for Republicans in the fall. "Absolutely, because we're the ones who are offering a plan to save Medicare, to protect Medicare, to strengthen Medicare," he said.

Ryan didn't say so, but the budgets he has written in the House both called for leaving in place the cuts to Medicare that he is now criticizing. Romney has consistently favored restoring the funds, and his running mate said, "I joined the Romney ticket."

Romney decided to go on the attack on one issue as the president's re-election campaign sharply criticized him on another.

"Romney's plans would cut college aid for nearly 10 million students ... and eliminate the tax deduction for college tuition," says a new television commercial that Obama's re-election campaign said would run in several battleground states. The commercial cites estimates from the budgets that Ryan has prepared as chairman of the House Budget Committee, and Romney's own proposals.

Obama and Romney clashed over yet a third issue during the day, laying out different views on energy policy.

The president taunted his challenger for opposing an extension of a tax break for wind production, quoting him as once having said, "You can't drive a car with a windmill on it. ..."

"I don't know if he's actually tried that. I know he's had other things on his car," Obama joked, referring to the often-repeated tale of a Romney family road trip with their dog, Seamus, in a carrier strapped to the roof of the car.

Government estimates say that more than 6,000 jobs statewide and 20 percent of Iowa's electricity needs come from wind power, and the state's senior GOP leaders all support renewing an extension of a wind tax credit that Romney opposes.

The wind tax provision is one of dozens of credits that would be renewed in legislation making its way to the Senate floor, including several that deal with energy such as of biodiesel, geothermal, biomass and hydropower.

Romney's campaign did not respond to repeated quests for his position on the other portions of the bill, which includes items such as a tax break for developers of NASCAR facilities and purchasers of electric motorcycles.

The former Massachusetts governor sounded eager to challenge Obama's energy policy as he campaigned in coal country in southeastern Ohio. Accusing the president of waging a war on coal, he said Obama favors production of energy that comes only "from above the ground," a reference to wind power and other alternative sources.

"I'm for all of the above whether it comes from above the ground or below the ground," he said.

Associated Press writers Kasie Hunt in Ohio, Ken Thomas in Iowa, Matthew Daly in Virginia, Steve Peoples in Nevada and Philip Elliott and Julie Pace in Washington contributed to this story.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Shock Poll: 95% Want Congress To Investigate Obama's Forged Identity Records

Shock Poll: 95% Want Congress To Investigate Obama's Forged Identity RecordsWashington Times via Soda Head Sheriff Joe Arpaio presented his case to the American people and stated that Barack Obama's...

Washington Times: Media blackout On Obama Forged Documents Baffles Arpaio Posse

Media blackout on Obama docs baffles Arpaio posseBy David Isaac @ Washington Times (hat tip Mara Zebest) Part One of Two Detective Michael Zullo is surprised to say the least. He is chief investigator...

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Washington Times: Bigger Than Watergate; The Greatest Criminal Hoax In History

BIGGER THAN WATERGATE!Washington Times Daily/Weekly via Article II Super PAC Who hit the upload button and committed the greatest criminal hoax in history? After a 10-month investigation all of the...

Newt Gingrich: Conservatives Should Beat Up Obama Every Morning For College Records

Newt says conservatives should press for Obama college recordsBy Alex Pappas @ The Daily Caller Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told The Daily Caller that conservatives should press President Barack...

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ret. Navy Flight Surgeon Files Obama Ballot Access Challenge in Kentucky Circuit Court

“Do It Yourself Obama Ballot Challenge Opens Another Case in Kentucky”Sam Sewell @ The Steady Drip FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sam Sewell, President Constitutional Elections 239-591-4565 [email protected] Jerry...

Obama Classmate Schools Geraldo Rivera About Obama's Indonesian Name Barry Soetoro

Obama Classmate Schools Geraldo Rivera About Obama's Indonesian Name Barry Soetoro - VIDEO HERE. (more below) SHOCK CLAIM: Breitbart Reporter Charles Johnson Has Documented Proof Obama is Indonesian...

Erick Erickson: Trump Should Focus More On Obama's College Records; Full WH Meltdown

Erick Erickson: Trump Should Focus On Obama's College Records; White House Would Be In Full Meltdown Mode - Erick Erickson of Red State was asked by CNN's Wolf Blitzer if Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Donald Trump: Barry Obama's Records May Reveal One Of The Great Cons Of All Time


Update: Judge Rules Obama Ballot Challenge Can Proceed on 3 Causes Including Fraud

Great news in Indiana, Judge Reid reverses her prior ruling and allows me to proceed on 3 out of 4 causes of action against the Sec of State and Elections Commission: Fraud, Breach of Fiduciary duty and...

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Lunes, 06 de agosto de 2012

KEW, SURREY, England (PNN) = July 23, 2012 – The last place anyone would think to look for a birth record of someone claiming to be a natural born U.S. citizen is Great Britain. The very inclusion of the Article II eligibility mandate in the U.S. Constitution was explicitly intended by the Founding Fathers of Amerika to prevent a British-born enemy usurper from attaining the office of the U.S. presidency and thereby undermining the sovereignty of the newly formed Republic.

In the absence of honor, courage and justice on the part of those serving in the U.S. Congress and federal judiciary, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case investigative group has concluded the only law enforcement analysis of the image of Obama’s alleged “Certificate of Live Birth” posted to a government website in April, 2011, and found it to be the product of criminal fraud and document forgery.

The seemingly endless evidence against Obama has now taken investigators to the foreign archives of Great Britain, wherein it has been discovered that vital events occurring under the jurisdiction of the British Colony in the Protectorate of East Africa prior to 1965 were recorded and held in the main office of the British Registrar in England until 1995 before being archived in the British National Archives.

It now appears the worst fears of the U.S. Constitution’s Framers were well founded, as investigators working on behalf of the ongoing investigation into the constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama have found yet another lead in a growing mountain of evidence within the public records section of the British National Archives, indicating the occurrence of at least four vital events registered to the name of Barack Obama taking place in the British Protectorate of East Africa (Kenya) between 1953 and 1963, including the birth of two sons before 1963.

Investigative journalists working for have already discovered biographical information published by Barack Obama’s literary agent in which he claimed he was born in Kenya. Prior to Obama’s installment in the White House, many international stories also stated that Obama was Kenyan-born, as did members of Kenya’s legislative assembly. Since then, information on Obama’s ties has been curtailed by government officials while the illegitimate Obama regime coincidentally has paid nearly $4 billion dollars for capital projects in Kenya.

Also, the presence of Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, cannot be accounted for from February, 1961 – the alleged month of her marriage to Obama’s father – until three weeks after the birth of Obama II in August, 1961, when she allegedly applied for college courses at the University of Washington. Theories about her whereabouts have included that she participated in the Air Lift America project as an exchange student and traveled to Nairobi as one of many recent high school graduates.

The record of birth of a second son prior to Kenyan independence is significant because biographical information about Obama’s family indicates Obama Sr. fathered only one other son prior to Obama II’s birth.

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