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We, the undersigned citizens, representatives of social and political organizations in America, we express our sincere admiration and respect for a brave man, who was not afraid to oppose the power firm and early imperious tyranny.

Huber Matos Benítez was born in Yara in Cuba in 1918, was a teacher in Manzanillo before forming part of the Sierra Maestra bearded and become historical commander of the ninth column of the Cuban revolution.The quest for freedom and a better future for Cuba brought him to fight alongside Fidel Castro in the revolution that overthrew Fulgencio Batista from power in 1959. In the same year, in October 1959 Huber warned that the revolution betrayed the principles for which he was summoned to fight for his country and denounced from the course and communist, authoritarian, totalitarian revolution and taking the personal interests of Fidel Castro.

In response Castro accused him of sedition and treason. A moving speech and patriotic hero saved our death to the crowd, Che Guevara, Raul and Fidel Castro had already been convicted. Fidel Castro wanted to make a martyr was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment which he served in full. His book'' How did the night "tells the saddest stories of torture and suffering that Huber had to endure because he refused to be corrupted and complicit in the tyranny that has plunged today the Cuban people in misery and repression.

None of this has reduced their strength and their hope that is reflected in his eyes and the strength with which it continues to fight for the freedom of Cuba at the age of 93. Today is a symbol of resistance and hope, today is a symbol of the struggle for Cuba decided by Cubans themselves, today is a symbol of peace, democracy and freedom on the continent.

This, besides being a tribute and gratitude, is an exhortation to all social, political or freedom-loving people of America, to join and would extend the ideal of our hero Huber Matos Benítez of a free society all Latin American scenarios where freedom and tolerance are forgotten and reviled.

Huber Matos recognize as an icon of freedom, is to recognize thousands of Cubans opposed to a draconian and dictatorial regime with more than 53 years in power, to those who left, who are far away, those who are there now resisting the evil dictatorship. Recognize Huber is recognized as a hero for all American heroes, those men and women who fought and fight every day for a free society in the dark ages.

For these reasons, time being hostile to freedom on the continent, times in which our governments seek to legitimize a dictatorship like Castro, the civil society organizations undersigned, acknowledge Huber Matos Benítez as Hero of the freedom of America because like him, we all dream also one day see the sun of freedom shining faces again Cubans.

Note to subscribe:

On June 12, 2012 Don Huber Matos Benítez will be recognized and honored as Hero'' for freedom in America "by a number of organizations democratic freedom-loving American continent. If you want to sign this statement personally or institutionally please send your name or your institution's email [email protected] 



Caminos de la Libertad, México

Instituto Político para la Libertad, Perú

CEDICE, Venezuela

Instituto Ecuatoriano de Economía Política, Ecuador

Fundación Friedrich Naumann para la Libertad

Red Liberal de América Latina, RELIAL

La asociación civil Proyecto República

Movimiento Político “Libertad Regional” – LIBRE, Loreto – Perú.


Oscar Alberto Vela Canelo, Presidente Movimiento Político ‘’Libertad Regional” 

Paul Laurent, Miembro del Proyecto República



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