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I’m over this government-subsidized Travyon Martin media fiasco. And I plan to stop covering it unless/until the riots – provoked by our race-baiting president and select black men openly putting out ‘consequence-free’ contracts and ‘soft’ hits on George Zimmerman – begin.

Last night it hit me. There is something all too familiar about Obama’s zeal for praising rebellion and aligning himself with it. Egypt. I called him on it. So did every other conservative out there, including Rush Limbaugh,

Obama can’t complain if we go Egypt on him because he said that’s how democracy works, that’s what he said on Friday.  This is the way real democracy works, so he can’t complain if it happens to him, and it will.”

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you our Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize winning president…

obama nobel peace prize egypt protest mubarak egyptian protestors waving riot sad hill news


Right. On with the 2nd round of thug-like Tweets from Trayvon Martin (‘insightful comment’ follows):

Second Trayvon Martin Twitter Feed Identified

(Daily Caller) The Daily Caller has identified a second Twitter handle that was used by the late Trayvon Martin during the last weeks of 2011.  Tweeting in December under the name “T33ZY TAUGHT M3,” Martin sent a message that read, “Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!”

It’s unclear who Martin intended the message for, or whether he intended it to be taken literally.

The photo Martin chose to represent himself on Twitter as “T33ZY TAUGHT M3″ depicts him in a black Polo cap, looking into the camera and extending his middle finger. The photo’s file name on Twitter’s server indicates that it was taken on the afternoon of June 17, 2010.

obma trayvon martin george zimmerman photos images race-baiting obama photo media bias sad hill news-1

(courtesy of Daily Caller)

At least one website issued a retraction this week after mistakenly linking Martin to a middle-finger-salute image on a Facebook account corresponding to a Georgia teenager who shares Martin’s name. This image, however, was uploaded to Twitter by the teen himself.

On Tuesday TheDC published 152 pages of  Martin’s Twitter activity that were retrieved using the social analytics product PeopleBrowsr.

Additional searches via the same website yielded the Twitter handle “T33ZY TAUGHT M3,” whose activity spanned just one month and ended shortly before Martin began tweeting as “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.” His Twitter activity under that newer screen name began with the tweet: “NEW NAME, NEW BACKGROUND, NEW TWEETCON, I MAKE CHANGS B4 NEW YEARS!”


Perhaps the most insightful comment I’ve come across regarding the Trayvon Martin ‘culture’ – Sad Hill:

thephranc –

“But if you don’t act like this you are “acting white” and a porch nigger. Those of us who step out of this culture trap are beaten by these thugs and called the most vile things. But success is the best revenge and while all those losers are in jail or on welfare I’m still acting white and owning businesses. I also wont hire these thugs. Not only do the fail basic math and English they have no people skills. Its a self perpetuating cycle of worthlessness.”

obama if i had a son he'd look like trayvon birth certificate sad hill news 3

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