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Media Blackout in Obama Georgia Ballot Eligibility Case

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Cry and Howl states:

"This pretty much confirms the fraud perpetrated by the Congress and the Supreme Court."

As concerned U.S. Citizen Patriots await the decision from Judge Malihi of the Georgia hearing on whether or not Barack Hussein Obama's name can legally appear on the Georgia ballot for the 2012 election, WorldNetDaily has been sharing written articles about Obama's ineligibility ever since the 2008 election.

Haven't we all been hearing that this issue needed to be solved before the vote occurred in 2008? Well, now we have a second chance to make sure that an ineligible candidate for POTUS does not get on the ballot(s) in either Georgia or any other state.

Canada Free Press reminds us:

Though Hillary Clinton rarely gets the credit anymore for it, she was the ‘mother’ of the ‘birther’ movement. While many people know the “birther” movement as one challenging President Obama’s birth certificate and birth place, there is another aspect of it that often gets overlooked. This aspect is that of him meeting the ‘natural born’ clause of the Constitutional requirement to be president.

When John McCain’s eligibility was challenged during the 2008 campaigns, Congress, including Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, declared he was “natural born” and eligible due to him being born of two American citizen parents. Barack Obama, himself, by his own admission, does not meet this criteria because his father was a British subject. This is backed up by the birth certificate he produced April 27, 2011."

The interest in this case is skyrocketing across the blogosphere. Everyone is waiting anxiously for the judge's decision. Since this was the ONLY case to be adjuticated (all other cases were dismissed due to lack of standing) the good news is that the state of Georgia REQUIRES candidates to be completely vetted before any individual who wants to run for the position POTUS gets on the ballot. This is a new election, new day, and new requirement that is separate from what had happened in 2008. Obama is like any other person who is requesting to get on the ballot in that state, as well as all others.

The fact that the plaintiffs did not just accept a default judgment, but wanted to present some of the most crucial the evidence against Obama that they have accumulated over the past four years, brings in another important fact for the judge to consider.

Note these comments from the over 300 over at the WorldNetDaily site:

1badland66 1 comment
Obama thumbs his nose at all of our laws. He selectively enforces only those laws that he agrees with. His justice department is just as bad and with fast and furious nipping at their heels it is only a matter of time before Obama and Holder get caughtith their hand in the cookie jar. Maybe we can end all of this when we rid this country of him in 2012. What a blessing that would be for this nation.
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BKOfama 2 comments
"Take your message of equality of achievement, take your message of economic dependency, take your message of enslaving the entrepreneurial will and spirit of the American people somewhere else. You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America," Rep. Allen West (R-FL) said at the Palm Beach County Republican Party Lincoln Day dinner. West represents the district in the U.S. Congress. show more show less
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Way to go Rep. West! Woo Hoo!!!

The Resolute Voice, Commentator and Advocate 6 comments

To say that someone using a fraudulent Social Security number can continue to do so as long as the Social Security Administration won't clarify the situation is also ridiculous. Try doing it and see what happens. II believe it's called identiy theft, a felony. But then, I guess Mr. Obama is above the rule of law?
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Adam Moreira 2 comments

There is a statute of limitations on it even if fraudulent.
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Thelonglegmackdaddy 1 comment Birthers claim that a use of fraudulent SS Number from Obama is on going. The Statute of limitation only begins to toll after the crime is discovered by law enforcement so the Statute of Limitations is not a relevant issue in this instance.
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Thelonglegmackdaddy 3 comments The reason that the Social Security Administration is not paying this any attention is because Obama is using the same SS number that they gave him and therefore there is nothing to investigate.

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Cashman57 1 comment LOL!!
keep spreading it on thick. The SS administration did not give that number to 0bama, his granny did. That number is not registered in the name of 0bama, anywhere. If he had legally obtained the number that would be one thing, but, that number was issued to someone else. 0bama did not refute that and his absence at the hearing where that evidence was admitted and sworn testimony was heard proves that he does not have a right to that number. He consented to the election laws in GA. by asking to be on their primary. He acknowledged the subpoena with his attorney responding to both the judge and Sec. of State Kemp. By refusing to refute the sworn testimony he has agreed that he is not eligible for the office and is not legally using a SS#.

I'll bet you are your fellow truth haters are sick over his confession. You probably even believed he was telling the truth, but, when the truth came out in GA. he had nothing to say, no defense, basically admitting to every word of the sworn testimony.
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poetopoet 1 comment
Collapse Expand If and when any U. S. Federal or State Court ignores and abandons the tenants of the law, meaning “We the People”, the tenants are its citizens who have the right to enforce that right by that law, called the right of suffrage (to vote), that is mandatory, given by the supreme law of the land, The U. S. Constitution, entrusted to each state individually.

Nothing supersedes the U. S. Constitution and nothing will. We the People have put our trust into our elected officials to protect and enforce those rights, to the point where “We the People” cannot even trust ourselves from ourselves or them. Today, with the onslaught and erosion of our personnel freedoms divided by party lines and affiliations. Now each state’s Electoral College will cast their deciding votes, upon each states vetted candidate and voters choice, not the veiled coronation by the mass media or the corrupt DNC or the GOP, whether popular or not. For “We the People” have abandoned and abdicated that right, by letting an illegitimate foreign child to rule the U.S., who is succinctly forbidden to, by documented law, the U.S. Constitution, Article II, § 1(5).

Unfortunately, no one, absolutely no one except a lone Georgia Administrative Judge will defend “We the People”, please God love him and protect him, before anarchy begins.

Amen to that!

Also see:

posted by null at American Thinker - 8 hours ago
Last week a sitting president ignored a subpoena to a historic court hearing that discussed his eligibility to run for a second term. Isn't there a headline in there somewhere?
Important video to view here:
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