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What is the Obama State Ballot Challenge?

Occupy White House: Help Stop Obama From Another 4 Un-Constitutional Years

This is a national call to action to help ensure Article II, Section 1, of the U.S. Constitution is upheld by stopping Obama from getting back in the White House for another 4 un-Constitutional years. The Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012 project was created to help organize and report on the Herculean effort to keep Obama off the Presidential election ballot in 2012 because he does not meet the Constitutional standard of Natural Born Citizen that was established by Minor v. Happersett, and because of his massive fraud crimes committed before and during his tenure in the White House.

We need your help now! Challenges can be filed in the primary season. You can file your own complaint with your state without hiring a attorney and without any cost. We are working on providing a generic example complaint that you can use for reference. Please go to the Contact page and email the Director Pamela Barnett if you can file a complaint in your state. See if we have election law on your state by clicking on your state page above. See the Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012 page of this website for more details.

The first ballot challenge is ongoing in New Hampshire and citizens have additionally filed ballot challenges in Georgia, Hawaii, Tennessee, Arizona, and Alabama, and many more are in the works. We need to challenge Obama in all 50 states many times. More news to come soon on new ballot challenges and a new partnership that could provide legal resources to citizen voters filing complaints. Join our campaign to stop Obama in 2012 by filing a ballot complaint or volunteering to help with advertising our effort to recruit more people to file complaints.

We do this because we are a nation of laws, and the political ruling class has failed to uphold the law regarding Obama's usurpation. We do it for God, country, and family.... and for justice. We will also fight against any non Natural Born Republican that appears on the Presidential ballot. This is not a political initiative, it is about respecting the Constitution.

We all lose if we continue to be a nation of men and not of laws. This enables corruption in Congress, the White House and the Courts. As it stands now, they are all operating above the law. This state ballot initiative brings the power back to the states to ensure their citizens are voting for only qualified candidates.

This site will mostly concentrate on news related to the Obama State Ballot 2012 initiative. Please subscribe for email updates. Your privacy will be safeguarded to the best of our ability. Your emails will not be shared with anyone. Also, sign up on our Facebook page and Twitter.

This is a sister website to www.unlawfulpresident.com.

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