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Marxist attack on America

Osawatomie Obama’s Waterloo

Folks are wondering, (but nobody more elegantly than talk show radio giant Rush Limbaugh) how President Barack Obama could use Tuesday’s Osawatomie speech as a three-year-later coming-out party for Obama, the Marxist.

With a “Marxist attack on America” right in Election Year, the Emperor ripped off his clothes showing his Marxist nakedness to the entire political world.

Back In 2008,  Obama, still the pocket Messiah,  bristled each time the Marxist label rose up through the fog, to roundly deny the charge.

So why on Tuesday did we have Obama the Marxist on stage?

The Osawatomie speech happened not because in his arrogant head he’s ‘King of the Global World’ and not because he can now sniff the blood on what the Dems envision as the coming bloodbath of Mitt Romney andNewt Gingrich

The Osawatomie speech happened because the ‘Time of Obama the Marxist’ is here.  Axelrod astroturf is telling him the time of his constituency is right.  Decades of public school graduates indoctrinated as global citizens who care not about patriotismor U.S. exceptionalism now fill the volunteer roles in his $1 billion campaign.

The population is aging and no one knows that better than an ObamaCare-bound Barack Obama.

There was nothing brave about Obama coming out as a Marxist.  Even the most cursory check through the history of Barack Hussein Obama shows cowardice.  Obama is so cowardly he only came before the public when every detail of his past was hidden away.

Yesterday Limbaugh put into wordswhat every American-loving patriotmust be thinking. Like panting panthers Occupy Wall Street (OWS) await the right moment in campaign time to provide the street theatre that will dominate the mainstream media news right up to Election Day.  Moves are already afoot by OWS to infiltrate the Tea Party Movement and render it useless.

..”Now Barack, if I may call you that, what is your obsession with big government, massive deficits, huge bureaucracies, endless regulations, confiscatory taxes, what is it about that that turns you on? None of what you love, sir, creates wealth or jobs.  Where has such an economic system ever worked?  Where has what you love and adore ever succeeded?  You say, sir, you want a more activist government.  What does that mean?  We’re about five steps away from the financial cliff’s edge, thanks to you, thanks to the government, the incompetent ideologues who run it like you.  What else would you like to spend money on?  What else would you like to regulate?  What else do you want to demonize?  What else do you want to cut down to size?  What else do you want to destroy?  What else would you like to ban?  What else in America do you want to smother and obstruct?

Even as a fawning mainstream media was cheering the True Birth of Barack Hussein Obama the Marxist and GOP was admonishing conservatives not to criticize the newborn babe swaddled in Socialism, Limbaugh denounced the Osawatomie speech for what it was:

“The speech you gave yesterday, sir, was idiotic, shameful, actionable, incoherent, and alien to American ideals and principles.  And above all else, it was pure pathetic.  But as my cohort here, Mr. Snerdley, says, Barack, if I may call you that, you did the nation a great favor.  You told every patriotic American-loving citizen that your view of America is not shared by them.  You finally told us that after three years the cat’s out of the bag.  After three years everybody know knows why I wanted you to fail.  Everybody that heard that speech now knows that you said America as founded has never worked.  You have outed yourself, Barack, if I may call you that.  You’ve come out.  Maybe you’ll be on the cover of the next Advocate, because you just outed yourself, sir.  You have nothing but contempt for this country.  You told us yesterday you have nothing but contempt for our economic and political system.  You told us yesterday.

“So now, as my cohort and subservient employee Mr. Snerdley has observed, even the least attentive citizen knows where you stand, even the Kardashians know.  And that’s a big achievement, folks.  To penetrate the wall of stupidity surrounding that family, even Paris Hilton; even Alec Baldwin is so ticked off he gets thrown off an American Airlines flight, Barack.  Thank you.  Norman Lear is beside himself.  So is Barbra Streisand.  You gave it up.  There’s nowhere for your supporters to hide.  They can’t say you have a vision as a great American.  You’re something else.  Your vision for this country is not rooted in any, not one, American tradition.  Your vision for the future of this country is not rooted in one single aspect of American greatness.  That is what you seek to destroy.  Even the least attentive citizens, even if they are only halfwits, now know to vote against you.”... 

Obama’s latest speech showed him for exactly what and who he is.  Not as an incompetent, golf-playing fool, but a Marxist whose mission it is to destroy what so many others love.

But the ‘Taking America Marxist Speech’ also shows a huge tactical error on the part of Obama and his global masters:  While he may have the Public School Indoctrinated walking zombie-like towards November 6, 2012,  the Marxists looking to conquer the USA forgot that you cannot possibly wipe out the generations that came before the indoctrinated—including the ones that went out to the battlefields to keep the word safe from Hitler in World War II.

Those generations and those who were allowed to be born after shall never forget and intend to make Obama’s Osawatomie speech Obama’s Waterloo. 

udi McLeod 
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