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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Sitting Congressman Goes On The Record About Obama's Constitutional Eligibility

Conference call today with Congressman Raul Labrador

Attorney Orly Taitz: Today I was able to participate on a conference call with Congressman Raul Labrador from ID. He is a Tea Party leader and a member of the most powerful House committee on oversight, led by Darrel Issa.

Congr. Labrador is well aware of my work, he knows, who I am. Right now their number one goal is prosecution of “Fast and Furious”. They are seeking resignation or removal of Eric Holder, possible criminal prosecution of Holder.

He raised a new concern, which I did not hear before. He wanted to make sure, that the birth certificate issue will not resemble Monica Lewinsky affair. It is very important, that my supporters contact their Congressmen, their Senators, particularly ones, who sit on House Judiciary committee nd Oversight committee and reiterate, that ObamaforgeryGate is akin to Watergate, not Lewinsky affair. We are not talking about some personal matter. We are talking about a person getting in the WH, while using a stolen Social Security number and a forged BC. Labrador is a Latino and an immigration attorney. He knows full well, that someone, who is a Latino, who would be caught using a stolen SSN and a forged BC, he would spend 2 years in prison and would be deported. If GOP wants Hispanic votes, they better push this angle and show, that double standard will not be tolerated.

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