Viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

This Is How I See It



by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Is this the flag of Obama's birth country?

(Oct. 13, 2011) — Let’s say I’m legally in contention to be the next President and someone accuses me of being born in Kenya. My response would be to inform the uninformed that my mother never had the honor of visiting Kenya. And what do you think the accuser says next? That I was born in Kenya.

Through some sort of freak accident, all the stars align to make the 2012 election honest and everyone writes in “OPOVV” for their choice of Federal Employee Number One. And then we hear rumblings of ineligibility because of the “possibility” of my having been born in Kenya, which I and all of my supporters TOTALLY IGNORE because, after all, we all know that my mother never had the honor of visiting Kenya. There’s also talk of having multiple Social Security cards and aliases, and never having served a day in the United States military, which I and all of my supporters TOTALLY IGNORE because we all know that I’ve used only one name, had the same Social Security card all of my life, and have an Honorable Discharge from the United States Military.

As a matter of fact, not one of my supporters wastes his time and energy with frivolous nonsense. There is not one website backing my claim to be qualified, eligible, legal, native and natural born. Not one website questioning where my parents were born, and not one website questioning my time in foreign countries while in the military. Not one.

My family tree is not even questioned. I’m half Norwegian from my mother, and Scottish, English and Cherokee from my father.  Both were born in the good old U.S.A; one in Montana, the other in Washington State. And, you guessed it, there’s not one website supporting my claim, because the Truth needs no support.  Get it?

So why all these websites supporting Obama? Why have even one? I don’t need even a little website supporting my claims, because the Truth is irrefutable, without question, and that’s the way it is.

And these attacks on the websites that question Obama’s eligibility: if he were telling the truth there would be no need for any of them, now would there? Showing not one but two birth certificates? What’s that all about, except when you weave a lie…

So, looking at the falsehoods stated by Obama, one only has to look at his supporters and see how they respond. If you said to one of my supporters that I never took the Oath to the Constitution or that I never tested the firing mechanisms on nuclear warheads, which required a Top Secret clearance, they would TOTALLY IGNORE you, wouldn’t they?

I’m telling you they would, and so would I. We’re going to get one shot at getting our country (meaning our Constitution) back without bloodshed. The other side will lie and cheat and steal the election as they did with Al Franken’s senatorial seat in Minnesota.  Unless we stick together as citizens who believe in equality and Civil Rights, and in the dignity of all men and women who cherish freedom and the knowledge of what it took to achieve those freedoms, we will not win back our birthright.

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