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Presidential Candidate Will Challenge Obama’s Eligibility



by Sharon Rondeau

John A. Dummett and wife Karmi live in Foresthill, CA

(Oct. 13, 2011) — The Post & Email recently learned of a presidential candidate who plans to challenge the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of President of the United States.  Mr. John A. Dummett of Forest Hill, CA is running as a Republican and describes himself as “conservative to the core” and “a constitutional conservative.”  He advocates abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and repealing the Sixteenth Amendment, upon which The Post & Email has reported previously and which has been described as a “powerful criminal conspiracy.”

Mr. Dummett was a guest on an internet radio broadcast entitled “Restoring America” on several occasions.  He has also been a guest on Paul Revere Radio and Radio Liberty.  Dummett told The Post & Email that he will again be a guest on the Paul Revere Radio show hosted by Rick Johnson and will also be appearing on Dr. James David Manning’s show, The Manning Report, in the near future.

Dummett stated that his primary goal is “to restore the Constitution to its original form and intent and to return power to the States where it rightfully belongs.”  He believes that “We the People are the only entity out there that can accomplish this.”

Regarding the Obama eligibility question, Dummett said, “The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has tentatively said by dicta that a registered candidate for President of the United States would have standing in a federal court to force Obama to produce a document we all know he possibly cannot.”

Dummett told us that he had not been involved in politics until the 2008 presidential election.  For his campaign, he has developed a list of 28 principles with accompanying essays which reflect his views of the Founding Fathers’ beliefs and intents when drafting the U.S. Constitution and emphasize Dummett’s assertion that the people were intended to hold the power over elected officials.

We asked, and Mr. Dummett answered, the following questions:

Q.  Given what you’ve said about your apolitical status up until recently, what made you file as a presidential candidate, and why do you think you are qualified?

President Ronald Reagan served two terms from 1980 to 1988 (Photo courtesy of

A. For as long as I can remember, I had always wanted to get involved in politics. When I was in the sixth grade, our class took a field trip to Sacramento, which is the state capital of California. Ronald Reagan was the governor. When we got to the Capitol building, a friend and I slipped away from the rest of the group to do a little exploring on our own. Back in the sixties, security was not like it is today. My pal and I walked into what we thought was an empty room. It wasn’t. We had actually walked into an office being used by Ronald Reagan. For around twenty minutes Ronald Reagan spoke with us and asked us questions about what we wanted to do when we grew up and other questions about how we understood what government was all about. Our teacher finally hunted us down and we did get in hot water, but we got to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience talking with Ronald Reagan one-on-one. I believe from that moment on, I considered myself a Conservative Republican inasmuch as I understood what conservatism was. As far as wanting to be a Republican in my mind at that age, republicanism equates with representative government. How much I have learned over the years.

The events that actually made me decide to run for actual office occurred during the election of 2008. Several years prior to that I was slowly coming to the conclusion that the People were no longer being represented. The candidates the Republicans and Democrats put up for us to vote for did not seem to differ much in the vision they had for America. I was completely convinced that the two major parties were part of an oligarchy. To this oligarchy it was more important to remain in power than to do what was best for the United States.

I watched the 2008 Presidential election very closely. I was extremely disappointed when I learned that John McCain was going to be the choice of the Republican Party to run for President. I pointed out earlier that representation of the People was taking a seat farther back in the bus. The candidates the parties were offering were becoming weaker as leaders and more of the type of person who could be easily controlled by the party. As far as I was concerned, John McCain was not the strongest candidate out there for the Conservatives. But like the last few Presidencies after Ronald Reagan, the pool that I considered strong patriotic candidates was progressively getting weaker. It always seemed as if I was voting for the lesser of the two evils instead of voting for the best candidate. My opinion was solidified when McCain nominated Sarah Palin. At fist I thought to myself, “Palin who?”  The first couple of speeches she gave, I thought she sounded okay, but then the gaffes started coming out and it was clear as a bell that the duo the Republican Party was promoting was an exercise in futility. I did resign myself to support McCain and Palin because there was no way on Earth that I was not going to exercise my franchise.

I then turned my attention to the Democratic nomination process. At the time the most recognizable candidate out there in my mind was Hillary Clinton. I did perceive that the Democratic nominee would be between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. One day I was watching some news coverage of Hillary Clinton at a campaign stop. A statement she made piqued my interest. What she said, and I am paraphrasing:  “Barack Obama was not eligible to be President.”  To me, words mean things as they should to everyone. What amazed me was that very few people picked up on the word which Hillary used. She used “not eligible” as opposed to “not qualified.” To me, this meant that Barack Obama did not meet the eligibility requirements to be President.

While attending San Diego State University for fun, I took several 500-level courses in Constitutional History. These courses dealt primarily with Constitutional Law, so I was familiar with Article II, Section I, Clause V in which the eligibility requirements are spelled out for President of the United States. After making sure I heard what I did and saw what Barack Obama was doing to prevent anyone from obtaining access to any record that could shine any light on his eligibility status, I came to the conclusion that the Democratic Party was considering allowing an unqualified person to seek the White House.

Why was Obama the Democrat candidate for president when there were questions about his constitutional eligibility which have never been addressed?

I started to dig into the background of Barack Obama, and the more I researched, the more I became convinced that Obama was not eligible to be President of the United States. This would not have scared me so much except that it was becoming obvious that Obama was going to be the nominee of the Democratic Party.  After Obama won, it was perfectly clear that a real-life Manchurian Candidate had been elected. The poor performance of John McCain in running against Obama led me to believe that not only did McCain have no interest in winning the Presidency, but by the actions of the Republican Party, neither did they.

After witnessing what I consider to be a bloodless coup in the election of 2008, I found myself no longer being able to sit on the sidelines and continue voting for the lesser of two evils. I understood that the government which I thought represented the People of the United States no longer existed, and if our original form of government was ever going to be restored, the restoration would never be undertaken by the oligarchy that actually rules this nation. Being elected to Congress would not do because a Congressman must serve many years to gain the power needed to cause change. If the Constitution of the United States is ever going to be restored to its original form and intent, and power returned to the States where it rightfully belongs, the Presidency must be won. The Presidency does not have to compete with 99 other Senators to get the job done. Because of this reason I know the only way our nation stands a chance of righting the wrongs perpetrated by self-interested politicians in Washington is to be elected to the White House. There I can use the Bully Pulpit and go right to the people with all the issues that threaten this nation’s sovereignty, freedom and liberty. This is where Ronald Reagan’s influence comes into play, for any time Ronald Reagan could not get Congress to see that it was not acting in the best interests of the People of the United States, he went directly to the People to plead his case. Even a Congress controlled by an oligarchy has no defense to thwart the will of 330,000,000 American patriots.

Q.  What is your current occupation?

A. My current occupation is with the State of California, Department of Fish and Game. I am a Staff Programmer Analyst. My primary job is to build business applications which allow the state of California to monitor and oversee its natural resources. The work I do ensures that no foreign nation can come within our territorial waters and consume our ocean resources as if they were vacuuming a dirty rug. The applications I build also monitor the use of our natural resources to help determine their best use and to procure ways which will ensure that those resources will be sustainable, healthy and available for future Californians and citizens of the United States of America to enjoy.

Q.  When did you first hear of the questions surrounding Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the presidency?  What actions did you take, if any, in that regard?

A. I answered this question in part in question one. What I can add here is to tell you what my intentions are in regard to exposing Barack Obama for what he is and what he is not.

In early May of this year, Orly Taitz and Gary Kreep appeared in court attempting to force the eligibility issue surrounding the election of Barack Obama. Orly is trying to connect the illegal use of a dead person’s social security number to Barack Obama. What Orly fails to realize is there are only two entities which can show harm and therefore gain standing in federal court to charge Obama with a crime. The first it the actual dead person who used to own the social security number in question. I am sure you can see that this is a dead end, pardon the pun. The other entity which could gain standing is the Social Security Administration (SSA) itself. Considering that it is the President of the United States who appoints the head of the Social Security Administration, the chances of its bringing charges against Barack Obama are even lower than a dead man doing so.

Gary Kreep is pursuing Obama in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals by representing Wiley Drake and Alan Keyes. It is Mr. Kreep’s contention that Drake and Keyes have standing because they were harmed in the last election because Barack Obama was not eligible to be President in the first place. The courts threw out the case because the People had already spoken and a President was elected. What is interesting is what the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said in dicta. The court has actually rendered a tentative opinion that a currently registered Federal Elections Commission candidate for President would have standing to force Barack Obama to produce a document which we all know he can’t possibly produce.

Image claimed by Obama and the White House to be a certified copy of his original birth certificate. To date, no one has authenticated it.

The long-form birth certificate that Obama wagged in our faces on national television is a fraudulent document. I am a computer programmer with over twenty years of experience in building computer applications, and just by glancing at the document presented on national television, I could see it was an obvious fake. With the tentative dicta opinion of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals working on my side, a nationally-known “birther attorney,” who must remain anonymous for the moment, has agreed to represent me in federal court to force Barack Obama to produce any and all documents that can prove that he is even a citizen of the United States, let alone eligible to be President of the United States. Several ardent supporters of mine have come together to raise the necessary court costs that my case will incur. The site is independent of my political campaign and any donations are completely separated from my campaign donations. They will be specifically used to the penny to pay for the incidental court costs in going after Obama’s exposure as being a usurper. I am the only registered FEC Presidential candidate who is openly calling on the exposure of a usurper, and once exposed, to also call for the indictment, arrest, trial and conviction of Barack Obama whom I consider a usurper and ineligible to be President of the United States. If this is accomplished, the election of 2008 will be null and void, and every law, executive order, appointment or international treaty will also be null and void.

I have stood up and said that I will risk life and limb to restore our Constitution to its original form and intent and will return power to the States where it actually belongs. I will also restore the balance of power among the three branches of government and finally do what every elected official in this nation is supposed to do, which is to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States and to represent the People of the United States as our Founding Fathers had intended it to be.

Q. Do you think most Americans are aware that there is a question about Obama’s qualifications under Article II?

A. It is my opinion that the majority of the American people are aware that there is a Presidential eligibility problem with Barack Obama. However, the mainstream media are willing accomplices with the oligarchy that rules this nation by obfuscating what the truth is surrounding his ineligibility.  Obama and his handlers have done a great job in prevaricating the truth. Unfortunately, most Americans are interested in politics only when we are actually in the process of electing the people who are to lead this nation. The rest of the time they do not care to be bothered. Every single elected and appointed official in this country is too vested in the fraud to do the right thing by exposing Obama as a usurper and nullifying the election of 2008................MORE

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