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Summary of the hearing and actually fair and balanced reporting on FOX HI –KHON 2 at 5 and 6pm evening news, FOX showed the judge totally biased and dumb

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Summary of the hearing and actually fair and balanced reporting on FOX HI –KHON 2 at 5 and 6pm evening news, FOX  showed the judge totally biased and dumb

Today at the hearing it was clear that Judge Nishimura was under marching orders to dismiss the cas,e but give it an impression of a hearing on the merits and some impartiality. She stated, that she will  hear the case on the merits. Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagaminre, whose husband, Todao Nagamine,  is reportedly Obama’s family attorney (he handled his sister’s divorce from her fist husband) argued the same old shpil, that I can’t get  any disclosure of records, because I don’t have any tangible interest. She kept going on again and again and the judge kept nodding and agreeing with her.

When my turn came, I quickly responded that this whole song and dance with the tangible interest is completely irrelevant to my case, as I am not asking for any disclosure and I don’t need to show any tangible interest.

I showed them different provisions in their state law, that showed, that as an attorney with a case, where the certified copy is at issue, I am entitled to get verification of the documents on file in lieu of the certified copy provided. At that point both the judge and the Deputy Attorney General were bewildered and were thrown out of the loop. They were completely unprepared for this argument.

Nagamine scrambled to come up with something and she came up with the stupidest excuse. She said that the state of HI verifies documents with only 2 words: yes or no, meaning that the document is yes, in records or no, not in records. And they verified and said yes regarding Obama’s records.

I asked to provide rebuttal and stated that he fact that the state even argues this point is completely despicable. I stated, that I provided affidavits and statements from expert, after expert, after expert, all of whom attested to the fact, that the document posted by Mr. Obama on line is a  forgery. So, what Ms. Nagamine is stating, is that the state official can provide a clear forgery and defraud 311 American citizens and the only thing the state of HI will do, is have the same official state, that “yes, the document is on file” and that constitutes verification, which means that anyone can issue any forgery in HI.

The whole hearing lasted for an hour. I provided them with rule after rule after rule from HI codes, showing that they are required to allow inspection of the original in lieu of the certified copy. (I ordered the transcript) and will post it, when it is ready, you will have the whole argument.

Also, FOX had their camera in the jury box and it was pointed at me.  They recorded the whole hour, but showed small clips at 5pm and a longer clip at 6pm.

Their choice of material for this evening prime time report was very telling. First, they showed me telling the judge:’ Your Honor, I provided in my complaint statements of expert, after expert, after expert stating that what Mr. Obama posted on the internet, is a forgery”

Then they show Nagamine, who argued: “Your Honor, the state verified he records already. If you were to ask the state, whether Obama was born here, they would state –yes”

They finished the clip  by saying that after an hour of argument the judge ended by saying 8 words: motion    by the state to dismiss the case is granted. This report clearly shows the public, that the judge is biased and unreasonable. She was told to weigh the evidence. She had on one hand multiple affidavits of experts, saying it is a forgery,  on the other hand she had one word “yes” from Fuddy, an official who released this forgery, and the judge is agreeing with Fuddy,

FOX is clearly showing the judge to be either corrupt or dumb. It was shown twice in prime time news in HI and millions of people saw it.

After the hearing I gave an interview for channel 8. The judge allowed only 1 camera in the courtroom, so I gave channel 8 interview after the hearing.

Afterwards I went to the  clerk’s office, ordered the transcript, later I went to the Federal court, court of Appeals and the Health department. Emergency submission to the court of Appeals will be posted within a few days. More subpoenas will  be coming.

From stress and jet lag and nerves, I did not sleep for 2 nights. I will need to get some rest,  as I have to be up at 5 am tomorrow.

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