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Woman denied request to see Obama's birth certificate

Reported by: Jai Cunningham
Updated: 11:12 am
A woman who has been seeking to inspect President Barack Obama's original birth certificate has run into another road block.

Circuit Court Judge Rhonda Nishimura granted the state's motion to dismiss a request by Dr. Orly Taitz to see that certificate.

The state says it has verified that the president's birth certificate is real.

Last spring the White House released that document to the public.

Taitz alleges the online release is a forgery.

She has appealed denials to federal court before, and everywhere she has turned she has been denied.

Taitz, along with other so called "birthers", believe President Obama was not born in America. President Obama's father was from Kenya, his mother is from Hawaii.

Taitz is not alone in making a claim like this other more high profile people like Donald Trump have even brought the subject up in public.

Jai Cunningham will have more on this story tonight on the KHON2 News at Five and Six.

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