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Dr. Ron Polland has released a statement to Obama Release Your Records that the Nordyke Twins’ Birth Certificates are FAKE!  Many have relied upon those documents as true and valid birth certificates.  Susan and Gretchen Nordyke’s birth certificates were used to compare and contrast to Obama’s  by utilizing the difference in the number sequencing as  presented by the Obama regime.

In a July 28, 2009 WND” article,  “Unveiled! Hawaii’s 1961 long-form birth certificates” regarding the birth certificate’s numbering,  Mrs. Nordyke said that her daughters’ birth certificate numbers  were 10637 and 10638.  Obama’s was 10641.  She believed that Ann must have come to the hospital after she did, and that is why there was a skip in the numbering sequence.   Mrs. Nordyke said she never met Obama’s mother, although she would have been in the same maternity ward as Ann Dunham, if Ann was at Kapliolani Hospital on August 4, 1961.

Mrs. Nordyke Showing Off the Twin's Birth Certificates - WND and Honolulu Advertiser

We have had our concerns about those birth certificates being valid or real because we found that Eleanor Nordyke was involved with the East West Population Center that was a hotbed for communists during that time frame.  WTPOTUS research found others in the Obama family were also associated with the East-West Center:  Lolo Soetoro, Barack Obama Sr.,  and Ann Dunham.

Our research also led us to believe  that Eleanor Nordyke wasn’t a exactly trusted source for information because of her associations and connections. 

Eleanor C. Nordyke, Research Fellow at the East-West Population Institute, is author of The Peopling of Hawaii (1989) and is a frequent contributor to the Journal.

The Chinese in Hawai’i: A Historical and Demographic Perspective was written by ELEANOR C. NORDYKE and RICHARD K. C. LEE.  Richard K. C. Lee was another name on the birth certificates.

Another story presented by World Net Daily suggested that Barry’s long form birth certificate was forged utilizing the Nordyke twin’s birth certificates as its base.     So now we have a forgery making a forgery?

Dr. Polland says,

On July 28, 2009, the Honolulu Advertiser ran a story about Eleanor Nordyke and a photo of her holding two “photostats” of the long-form birth certificates allegedly made for her twin daughters, Susan & Gretchen. Everyone has referred to these as examples of “genuine long-form birth certificates” and nobody ever thought to question their authenticity.

That is, until I came along and analyzed them.

Not only was Gretchen’s birth certificate image a cut-and-paste job from Susan’s, both of their certificate numbers (10637 & 10638) are more than a tad off the mark.

~ Dr. Polland

View Dr. Polland’s video.  Another video showing how the birth certificates were produced will be released shortly.

We must now wonder and question why this bogus information was presented by Mrs. Nordyke. 

What was her inclination or motivation to do so?


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