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Taitz v Astrue Motion for Reconsideration: New Details; SSA Found Discrepancy in Obama's Social Security Number Record

Taitz v Astrue: Motion for Reconsideration with Exhibits 1-5
Obama's SSA Record Does Not Verify, SSA Found a Discrepancy in the Record.

Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. (Hereinafter “Taitz&rdquoGui?o submits this motion for reconsideration and respectfully requests emergency hearing and oral argument on the merits within 20 days, based on newly discovered information and based on an assertion of clear error and manifest injustice, pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 59(e). This motion is based on the instant Memorandum of points and authorities, exhibits herein, and any matters present at oral argument.

While generally disfavored, a motion for reconsideration under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure section 59(e) may be granted in circumstances where a party presents new evidence not reasonably available prior to the judgment, or where it is shown that the prior ruling was clearly erroneous or manifestly unjust. See e.g., Lake Hill Motors, Inc. v. Jim Bennett Yacht Sales, Inc. (7th Cir. 2000).

In support of the instant motion, Taitz presents both newly discovered evidence and argues clear error and manifest injustice of this Honorable Court's August 30, 2011 Memorandum Opinion granting the Defendant's Summary Judgment Motion. Taitz presents the following for this Honorable Court's consideration:

Newly Discovered Information and Evidence Warrants Reconsideration and Denial of Defendant's Summary Judgment Motion.

a. Plaintiff Presents New Evidence Regarding Waiver of Privacy by Prior Public Release of Social Security Number...

After Taitz submitted her opposition to motion for summary judgment, she appeared on a number of radio shows. During one of the shows, talk show host, Mr. Doug Hagmann, who is also a private investigator, related to Taitz that when Mr. Obama originally posted his tax returns on WhiteHouse.gov, he left his full Social Security number on one of the pages, and it was the same Connecticut social security number which is listed in the sworn affidavits of investigators Sankey, Daniels and Sampson which were previously submitted to this court.


A third piece of new evidence, received by Taitz, is a sworn affidavit of witness Linda Jordan, showing, that according to Ms. Jordan's affidavit, she was greatly concerned by the reports of licensed investigators Sankey, Daniels and Sampson, which were provided to your Honor in this case and in Taitz v Obama 10-cv-151RCL. Ms. Jordan repeatedly requested the social Security administration and other authorities to provide the public with information regarding whether Mr. Obama, is indeed fraudulently using a Social Security number which was never assigned to him.

Ms. Jordan never received any response from the Social Security administration. Ms. Jordan decided to investigate further. When any other individual but the President is concerned he has an employer or another individual above him in the chain of command. Such employer would do e-verify or SSVS verification, showing his employee's citizenship status and validity of the Social Security card, provided by this employee.

When President of the United States is concerned he does not have a specific individual who is higher than him in the chain of command. The U.S. President does not have one specific employer, who is supposed to do e-verify or SSVS check, to see that he has proper credentials. Citizens of the United States collectively employ him and pay his salary through their taxes. As such Ms. Jordan went to e-verify and submitted a request for verification.

Ms. Jordan entered Mr. Obama’s name and Connecticut Social Security number that was submitted by investigators Sankey, Daniels and Sampson and which she verified through the official US government selective service website www.sss.gov. as one being used by Barack Obama since 1980.

According to the official government site e-verify, the number Mr. Obama uses on his own tax returns and according to the official U.S. government selective service web site was never assigned to him. E-verify shows, that there is no match between Obama’s name and the social security number he is using. (Exhibit 3, hereto, the Affidavit of Linda Jordan and official e-verify response, showing no match between Obama's name and Connecticut Social Security number that Obama is using).

Ms. Jordan did this e-verify not by misrepresentation but in the good faith belief that every U.S. citizen is an effective “employer” of the U.S. President and after she undertook all efforts to get cooperation from the Social Security administration, and after she encountered unprecedented corruption within the SSA, she personally performed e-verify. This simple e-verify was supposed to be done by the employees of the SSA. Why didn’t they do it? Using lexicon of this Honorable Court, they “were toying with this court and the whole nation or they showed their stupidity.”

d. ...and that a number of members of Obama's family improperly and illegally used social security numbers:

On August 29, 2011 Mail on Line, The Australian, The Washington Times, and many other papers and radio shows around the world reported on an arrest of Barack Obama's uncle Omar Obama, who was in U.S. Illegally, and was ordered deported from the United States.

MORE HERE http://www.scribd.com/doc/64409913/Taitz-v-Astrue-Motion-for-Reconsideration-Draft-Obama-s-Social-Security-Number

EXHIBITS 1-5: http://www.scribd.com/doc/64409490/Taitz-v-Astrue-Motion-for-Reconsideration-Unredacted-Exhibits-1-5-Obama-s-Social-Security-Number

Taitz v Astrue - Motion for Reconsideration(Draft) - Obama's Social Security Number

Taitz v Astrue - Motion for Reconsideration Unredacted Exhibits 1-5 - Obama's Social Security Number

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