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Federal judge orders director of health to appear in court and show cause, why she refuses to comply with the subpoena and allow inspection of Obama?s original birth certificate on file, which he, himself already made public

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Taitz v Astrue motion to show cause

Today, as expected, Loretta Fuddy, director of health, continued stonewalling

claiming privacy. See attached, scanned filed motion for order to show cause

Motion was accepted by the US District Court in HI and was assigned to the chief judge Susan Oke Moulvanney and magistrate Richard Puggliose.

Hearing is set for September 14th, 10 am courtroom 6. This will be motion to compel and show cause for the director of Health to show cause to the judge, why she is refusing to comply with the subpoena and allow inspection of the original birth certificate,? claiming privacy, while Obama has already waived privacy, posting the alleged birth certificate on line.

Fox news sent a crew. FOX HI reporter Andrew Pereira interviewed me and my experts at the Health Department and in the Federal Court.

they will be reporting shortly.

Nationally Syndicated talk ?show host Rusty Humphries came to the Health department and recorded the interview. He will be reporting on? 280 stations.

I got?a call from HI?Reporter, their main news paper, I will give them an interview shortly.

I gave an interview to Jerome? Corsi, it will be in Net World Daily

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