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Speak Out Against Allen West's Sexist Behavior

Cong. Allen West's angry, hostile tirade to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is truly despicable. If you had any doubt about the Republican war on women, look no further than West's email -- it's threatening, sexist and demeaning. We can't sit by and watch such an appalling action from one of our elected officials. Tell Allen West that you are standing with Debbie against this outrageous and despicable behavior.


WRONG. Allen West have been suffering her actions for a while, even in the last election she organized a protest against him. Her conduct before as a woman was despicable, as a democrat was un-ethical when both were running for office on two close? but different districts. As an ultra left wing , socialist or liberal Schultz and her offices are lying. Allen West actions in life are admirable as a Congressman he is not afraid to tell the truth. To use scare tactics against West for older and retire people are not useful anymore since we the people? are awake, even in her district like me.? I'm on Social Security, I'm on Medicare, I do believe in the philosophy of members of Congress? not in the party they belong, so I'm with Allen West.?Liberals ?are using Schultz to raise money not only against a good conservative man, but also to re-elect the Usurper when she mailed a fake birth certificate of Obama.

Miriam Mata


Allen West Responds To Wasserman Schultz: You're Not A Victim


"I've been called Uncle Tom, sellout, an Oreo. It's not about Allen West. So once again, it's very interesting to me that we continually allow liberals to do whatever they want in attacking conservatives but all of a sudden, when a conservative stands up and says enough, then people want to sit back especially liberals want to play victim. She's not a victim. She's been attacking Allen West for quite some time," Rep. Allen West (R-FL) told FOX News.


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