Lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

What Is the Birther Summit?

obama-messiah2-300x256In November 2008, our country elected as its president, a man who not only had no verifiable qualifications for the job, but was also constitutionally ineligible to hold it. The only proof he offered the public was an image that was thoroughly debunked as a computer-generated abstract that was not what it was purported to be.

In the time since that election, a groundswell of Americans asked for nothing more than an independent investigation into a document that nobody had any empirical evidence even existed, and were stonewalled at each step.

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On April 27, 2011, Barack Obama released to the nation yet another computer-manipulated image that he proclaimed was the document that, previously, the American people were told could not be obtained, while he also directed a veritable fortune to be spent to keep from revealing it. Once again, forensic document experts weighed in on the authenticity of that image, and handily dismissed it as a forgery as well. The release of that image also produced another valid question. If that were the "real" birth certificate, why would he have fought so expensively to obfuscate it, since there was little additional information included on it that the first image lacked?


Very possibly, the reason that the obvious forgeries were foisted on the American people was to keep public discourse away from the constitutional issue that plagues Barack Obama?that, according to the historic definition of "natural born Citizen," he is not constitutionally eligible to be president because his father was never a citizen of the United States, let alone at the time that Obama, Jr. was born.

To the repeated demands of the people over this constitutional calamity, and the subsequent crimes committed to veil the truth, our leaders in Washington have responded with outright deception, and continue to provide cover in an attempt designed to prevent any action on their parts to uphold their oaths of office to support and defend the Constitution.

apfphotos4-200x300Additionally,?LTC Terry Lakin, an 18-year honorable Army flight surgeon who could not, in good conscience, deploy to a foreign war until he had confirmation that Barack Obama was a legitimate Commander-in-Chief (something that the April 27, 2011 document would have purportedly answered), LTC Terry Lakin was stripped of his military career and sentenced to prison in Leavenworth (

Having been ignored by their leaders for far too long, the American people are demanding to be heard. Out of those demands was born the Birther Summit, an event presently being planned for the voice of the people to be united into a single unavoidable chorus requiring our officials to do the jobs for which they were elected, and fully investigate Barack Obama's eligibility, based upon the sparse documentation he has provided.

In the coming weeks, this website will become the gateway to the Birther Summit, providing everything from relevant information to online registration to attend the event. Please bookmark it, and return often!

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