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Why Doesn?t Hawaii Senator Sam Slom Investigate the Authenticity of Obama?s Long-Form Certificate of Live Birth?

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Why Doesn?t Hawaii Senator Sam Slom Investigate the Authenticity of Obama?s Long-Form Certificate of Live Birth?

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??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? June 18, 2011

It appears that Hawaii Senator, Sam Slom, has been interested in finding out the truth about Obama?s birth origins. But why has he not investigated whether Obama?s recently released long-form Certificate of Live Birth is authentic?

Here is what researcher and writer, Devvy, wrote in her recent article: ?Congress - Yes, Obama Is Above The Law:?

?The other thing I urge you to do, which I outlined in my recent column, Force an investigation into Obama's birth certificate criminal fraud, involves a state senator who has been very outspoken regarding Obama/Soetoro's birth certificate. The key to busting this wide open could be the Hawaii State Legislature:

?My second letter went out to Sen. Sam Slom. He serves in the Hawaii State Senate. That document was allegedly generated by a state agency in the State of Hawaii. Their legislature has the authority to conduct an investigation into how that forgery was manufactured, by who and more importantly, who requested it and when? That won't happen unless YOU also write a letter. Hard copy letters (or a fax) is something tangible that can't be ignored. The phones ring all day long at the offices of state and federal lawmakers. Sometimes you can't even get through or you just get voice mail.?

This weekend, YOU need to write and mail off a snail mail letter to Sen. Slom. If his desk is flooded with tens of thousands of letters - and folks in Hawaii make this an issue - the heat will become so great, they have to act. Be sure to continue following up with Slom's office by calling a week after you send your snail mail letter. Thousands of us must keep the heat on his office until something breaks in that legislature. It can happen, but it takes all of us. Sen. Slom needs to man up or shut up.?

I have reported on this blog about the great amount of existing evidence that the electronic image and the underlying paper document are both forgeries.
http://puzo1.blogspot.com/2011/06/congress-investigates-sexual-flings-of.html.? As a Hawaii State Senator, Senator Slom surely has the resources and influence to be able to dispel this evidence and confirm with the Hawaii Department of Health whether the document image that Obama released on the internet on April 27, 2011 is authentic.

We should follow Devvy?s advice and find out why Senator Slom has not done more to seek the truth about Obama?s recently released birth certificate. We need to demand of him that if he is going to do his job and honor his oath to protect and defend the Constitution, he needs to fight this battle all the way and not just make believe that he is.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
June 18, 2011

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