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Congress is corrupt and has chosen the path of lawlessness

Obama?s ineligibility: Fighting back I

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?- Lawrence Sellin??Friday, June 17, 2011

Congress is corrupt and has chosen the path of lawlessness.

Our elected officials continue to ignore the fact that Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen and, therefore, ineligible for the Presidency. They have ignored requests by citizens to investigate allegations of felonies associated with Obama.

It is now the responsibility of ordinary Americans to restore the Constitution and the rule of law, which our government officials have willfully disregarded.

The following are the opinions of ordinary Americans.

1. ?The Constitution and the Bill of Rights , as well as the Declaration of Independence clearly states that when a Government through a chain of abuses of power becomes so completely unable to serve the will of the People, then it becomes OUR DUTY and OUR RESPONSIBLITY to abolish such a Government and hold special elections to restore its legality.?

2. ?Our leaders ignore the law to suit their purposes and then contemptuously all-but-dare us to do anything about it, secure in the knowledge that they can charge with crimes and imprison anyone who steps out of line. What we need is a simple act of defiance that can be done by enough everyday Americans that it is impossible to charge all of us, let alone imprison us. We need something symbolically powerful but harmless in and of itself. It would be even better if it was lawful action, because that way we keep the high ground morally and legally.?

3. ?Since our legislators won?t do anything, there is one way to get to the truth.? There are federal grand juries that start every month in every state.? If the people were informed that as a member of a federal grand jury they have the power to start an investigation on any federal office or even the president if they feel there is evidence of wrong doing.? They have the power to compel the release of all records pertaining to their investigation.? I am sure if the people were informed there would be grand jury investigations all over the U S and it wouldn?t be very long before Obama was indicted for fraud and forgery just for starters.? The federal grand jury is the one power that the administration can?t stop.? Maybe if Obama was indicted by one or more grand juries some of the legislators might come out of hiding and do their job and investigate for themselves and get to the truth.?

4. ?If tomorrow, every person of voting age outside of our political class refused to go to work and went on strike ? we could break our political class very quickly ? if we had the fortitude to wait them out long enough to make them truly uncomfortable. A modern-day non-violent ?revolution? could be created by harnessing the incipient power of common Americans. Get enough of us acting in concert and toward a common goal, and you?d be amazed at what can be accomplished by ?ordinary? people.?

5. ?Civil disobedience can be effective in the United States, but it must be used properly. Doing so requires great discipline, enormous self-control on the part of participants, and substantial courage and moral authority on the part of the movement?s leaders. It also requires a willingness to go to jail if necessary for your ?crimes? as Martin Luther King and his supporters did. You asked for legal courses of action; civil disobedience is by definition illegal. Furthermore, none of us really knows which way the armed forces will act once events are underway, as the 1932 World War I bonus marchers incident shows. You and I both hope that the military and law enforcement communities will do the right thing, but orders are orders, and some people follow them even if they are wrong.?

6. ?It sure isn?t the great country my father and friends fought and died for.?

Do you have ideas about legally fighting back? Mail them to me and I will post them confidentially in upcoming articles.

Lawrence Sellin

Lawrence Sellin
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Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a recently retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve. He is a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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