Viernes, 17 de junio de 2011

Closet got your tongue??Resign!

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Cat got your tongue?? No?the skeletons in your closet do!

In an extremely interesting interview, Major General Paul Vallely opined that Congress knows of Obama?s ineligibility, but is a afraid of ?probing a possible felony and black backlash? and ?treason implications for a black president?.??? Yes, the first ?black? president has committed high treason and the punishment is execution.

These are indeed serious implications. But Obama has punked America, but what the pretend Congress doesn?t see that Obama punked them all and used their ?liberal guilt? and fear of being called racist to get elected in the first place.? Just like Congress and the liberals to blame the victim for their inability to act.

But I don?t find Congress? excuse believable as the people?s response has never been of concern to them ever before.? No, they are? afraid if they stand up, that all of their illegality will be exposed, and that they will face treason and other felony charges for their too long silence and complicit activity.

The disturbing facts emerging about the virulent pathological obots who may have participated in the deliberate harassment of individuals by law enforcement suggests a RICO conspiracy of the first order.? Better lawyer up boys and girls.

Note to Congress.? If you are being silent on Obama?s criminal enterprise because of your own criminality which is safely stuffed in your closet, then you need to resign immediately.? Your selfish goals of preservation of your perks and your weiners is destroying our country.? You have perjured yourselves and have lost any semblance of consent from We the People.

We will not tolerate your silence on the destruction of the Constitution.

It?s 1776. All over again.

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