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Obama is ineligible for the Presidency according to the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution. Congress knows that there is sufficient evidence of felonies to warrant an investigation

Obama?s ineligibility: A willfully ignorant Congress

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?- Lawrence Sellin??Thursday, June 16, 2011

imageMake no mistake about it. Congress has chosen cowardice and political expediency over honesty and the rule of law.

Congress knows that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible for the Presidency according to the natural born citizen clause of the Constitution.

They know that there is sufficient evidence of felonies to warrant an investigation.

They will do nothing. They will continue the cover-up. They are afraid for their jobs because they are complicit in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

Congress does not seem to understand that willful negligence to uphold the law will eventually lead to chaos.

They don?t care and we need to inform them more forcefully that we will not permit them to destroy our country.

Need an example of their subterfuge?

All you need to do is write a letter to any member of Congress questioning Obama?s eligibility or asking why his alleged felonies have not been investigated.

This week?s willful ignorance award goes to the ever-arrogant Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) from an email dated June 13, 2011:

?As a Senator representing Colorado, I want to speak very clearly on this issue. President Barack Obama is a ?natural born? citizen of America, and he is eligible to be our nation?s Commander in Chief.?

?The legality of his birth certificate has been verified by numerous federal agencies, third party investigative groups, national media outlets, and primary source documentation. The United States Department of State and the Hawaii Department of Health have both verified the legality of the ?Certification of Birth? document provided by President Obama.? In addition, highly regarded ?fact check? websites such as factcheck.org, snopes.com, and politifact.com support the findings of the federal agencies through their own independent investigations.?

It is a shame that Bennet knows so little about the Constitution or the difference between ?citizen? and ?natural born citizen?.

Hawaii?s state health director, Chiyome Fukino, and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, have not affirmed that Obama?s Certificate of Live Birth (birth certificate) is genuine.

There has never been any vetting or investigations of Obama?s eligibility by federal agencies. None of the third parties mentioned by Bennet are objective and non-partisan. It?s a sham.

In fact, there is far more evidence from independent third parties demonstrating that Obama?s Certificate of Live Birth, which he presented as his own during the April 27, 2011 press conference, is a forgery.

Honorable Mention in the category of Congressional willful ignorance goes to Trent Franks (R-AZ) and Tom Cole (R-OK) for the content of their constituent letters of January 21, 2011 and May 26, 2011, respectively.

?We determined, based on the information available at the time, that the evidence suggesting that the President was not a natural born citizen was not sufficient to overcome the evidence suggesting that he in fact was a natural born citizen: specifically, legal certification by Hawaiian authorities declaring that Mr. Obama was in fact born in Hawaii, coupled with corroborating birth announcements in the Hawaiian newspapers at the time of his birth.?

Hey Franks, it?s in his book and on his birth certificate. Based on his father?s Kenyan birth, Obama was never eligible to be President.

And newspaper clippings as evidence to be President? Seriously?

?As you know, on December 8, 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a case filed by a New Jersey voter who questioned whether President Barack Obama was a ?natural born? American, a prerequisite for the White House. As the Supreme Court has considered and rejected this case, I consider the issue to be closed.?

Cole?s response is, quite literally, a ?no-brainer?. Either Cole doesn?t have a brain or he thinks his constituents don?t.

Cole doesn?t seem to grasp the difference between a case being heard and dismissed, and a case not being heard and dismissed.? There has yet to be an adjudication of the law and the facts concerning Obama?s credentials.

To be fair to our distinguished elected officials, the responses of the members of Congress were never meant to be accurate answers. They are cover stories intended to ?blow off? constituents? inquires.

I am not talking about a few rotten apples in the barrel. I am talking about Congress, as an institution, lying to the American people, disregarding the Constitution and flouting the rule of law.

Would Congress start to understand their dereliction of duty, if ordinary Americans began to emulate their behavior?

Do you have ideas about legally fighting back? Mail them to me and I will post them confidentially in upcoming articles.

Lawrence Sellin

Lawrence Sellin
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Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a recently retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve. He is a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq.

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