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Texas Citizen Confronts U.S. Congressman about Obama Impeachment Pledge



June 4, 2011

Ralph Hall was born on May 3, 1923, and is the oldest member of the U.S. House of Representatives at age 88

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to Rep. Ralph Hall of Texas?s Fourth Congressional District:

An Open Letter to the Honorable Ralph Hall
Republican * 4th District, Texas * 16th Term
104 North San Jacinto Street, Rockwall, TX 75087
2405 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 20515

Following the mid-term election held on November 2nd, 2010, there was an article in our hometown newspaper quoting you as stating you would be doing something I thought was very commendable. You told the reporter you had a file in your office containing 35 offenses by Barack Obama that you felt were probable cause for impeachment, and you would be presenting that file to the new Republican Speaker of the House after January 2011. I remember at the time I sent you an email congratulating you on winning another term, said I was glad I had voted for you,? and thanked you for your good sense in understanding the times.

While the article didn?t mention specifics I can guess what was in the file. It probably had such things as:

  • Election fraud involving Acorn, Obama bypassing campaign finance law by removing all restrictions on his campaign website on credit card payments and receiving over $33.8 million in foreign contributions, using the New Black Panther Party to intimate voters, then the squelching of the investigation, well lets just call it ??all that 2008 election fiasco?.
  • The violation of the Posse Comitatus Act on? March 10, 2009 when 22 military police were sent to the town of Samson, Alabama to act as law enforcement officers, (something of course only permitted by executive order in a state of emergency), also the use of military police at the 135th Kentucky Derby horse race at Churchill Downs on May 2, 2009, in Louisville, Kentucky. ( AP photo you?ll have to follow the link). Both beg the question of whether the President gave the executive order to use the military or if it was done without the Commander-in Chief?s knowledge.
  • The potential job offers floated to Joe Sestak and Andrew Romanoff to try and keep them from running for the Senate.
  • Buying Congressional support for Obama-Care with the ?Cornhusker Kickback?, ?Louisiana Purchase? and etc.

Well, Sir, I could go and on, and so could you, and so could many American citizens. I could write about Obama using the Frances Fox Piven strategy, breaking contracts with Chrysler and GM bondholders? then paying off the unions with the money, closing thousands of independently owned and operated auto dealerships irregardless of state franchise laws, a President of the United States accepting the Chairmanship of the UN Security Council and on and on and on.

I?m sure at least some of the above, if not all were in your file.

I have often wondered what ever happened to that?

In January of this year when you handed over the file what did Speaker Boehner say? Did he tell you it would merely tie the House of Representatives up in knots and there was more important work to be done? Did he say he thought American citizens were suffering from ?impeachment fatigue? after Clinton and all the talk of impeaching Bush over the War Powers Resolution?? Did he suggest that if the Republican majority in the House were to vote for impeachment the Senate would never follow through and so what would be the point? Did he hint that if in 2011 you brought articles of impeachment against Obama , then surely in 2012? IF a? Republican candidate were to win the Presidency, Democrats would try and impeach the new Republican President at the drop of a hat and America would forever be in perpetual impeachment mode? (I could argue exactly the opposite might be the case, but that's beside the point).? Did he say the Republican Party could be just as effective, but appear far more ?gentlemanly?, if they stayed with trying to repeal and de-fund the Obama damage rather than impeach him?

Since I can not find any reference anywhere of you ever mentioning it again, I think I can guess the answer must of been something along those lines. At any rate the answer was ?no, we will not consider it?, was it not? Did he even mention the ?people? or the audacity of a President violating his oath to defend the US Constitution or did he only speak of the grand old Republican Party? Ahh well, no matter, what?s done is done.

So?moving along, I have good news and I have bad news.

First the good news.

The good news is I have no intention of ever writing another letter or email demanding that you impeach Obama, and I?m sure your staff will be relieved to know that. Yes,Sir, this open letter is the last, from now on I?m done badgering you about it, as I?m sure both you and I have much better things to do. I appreciate your efforts and believe you truly do try to represent this staunch conservative district in the northeast corner of Texas and you would if you could put that file to good use, But impeachment would probably never work anyway. So I?ve changed my mind and no longer think you should even try.

Let me be clear?yes, Sir you did read that right, I do NOT think the House of Representatives should ever try to impeach Mr. Obama! Mainly because I have concluded it can not be done and therefore would be a colossal waste of time and effort. For you see, it has become clear to me that the Obama Administration has completely overthrown the Constitutional? principle of the balance of power and both the Congressional and Judicial branches of the government are utterly powerless against him and his Administration.

Based on the following trend?in my opinion?it?s a reasonable conclusion:

  • When Obama-Care was ruled unconstitutional and a Federal Court ordered it to halt, the Obama Administration simply stated it would implement it anyway, (in addition to the Federal Court ruling, it?s ridiculously un-affordable and the American people never wanted it in the first place) and now there is a ?waiver-gate? going on yet?Congress does nothing.
  • When Congress refused to pass the Carbon Cap & Trade Bill, determining it was unconstitutional, the Obama Administration began ordering the hand picked EPA to enact provisions anyway, and ?Congress does nothing.
  • When Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin whose numerous awards and decorations include the Army Flight Surgeon Badge, Combat Medical Badge, the Bronze Star Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Army Commendation Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, the Army Achievement Medal with one Oak Leaf Clusters, the National Defense Service Medal with Bronze Service Star, the Armed Forces Expedition Medal, the Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon sixth award and the NATO service medal, asked his Congressional members to help him confirm his orders were from an eligible Commander-in Chief, ?Congress did nothing, thereby allowing that brave Patriot to go to Fort Leavenworth just because he dared to ask. And oh by the way, it appears the nation of Kenya is completely sold on the idea Barack Obama is both a citizen of Kenya and a citizen of America?(link) but the American Congress believes he has strictly American citizenship. So one of you are wrong. But rather than look into it ?Congress continues to do nothing.
  • When the first two moratoriums on Gulf Coast offshore oil drilling were declared unconstitutional and the ban was lifted by Federal Court, the Obama Administration simply ignored it and continues to ignore it and?Congress does nothing.
  • When Obama unilaterally commenced war against the Republic of Libya without consulting Congress and even the Progressive Caucus talked of bringing articles of impeachment, the Republicans did not seize the moment and so ?Congress did nothing.
  • In spite of the Defense of Marriage Act having been overwhelmingly passed by a vote of 85?14 in the Senate and a vote of 342?67 in the House before being signed into law by President Clinton in 1996, the Obama Administration has recently stated the Justice Department will no longer be enforcing that. In fact I believe Attorney General Eric Holder is on record as saying something, (that when translated into plain English), implies they?ll enforce all laws?when *they* find *them* reasonable! So in other words if they don?t find them reasonable, America is virtually without a Department of Justice in that area! And ?Congress does nothing.
  • Obama completely ignored Congress?s Constitutional obligation to vet Presidential appointees and started creating Czars accountable only to him?and Congress did nothing. Then when Congress made a budget deal that eliminated the funding for the health care, climate change, auto industry and urban affairs Czars, Obama issued a statement saying in effect, he would not be keeping that end of the deal anytime soon -thank you very much-and now I?m learning of a brand new Czar, some ?Director of Progressive Media & Online Response? that has dubbed himself ?the terminator.? And?Congress does nothing.

I?ll stop there but we both know that's only part of the story. I hope I have not misrepresented any of the facts. If I have made any mistakes please understand Sir, like many Americans I find myself living under a banner of ?Hopelessness and It?s Changing For The Worse? and by the time I spend the day helping to keep the proverbial wolf away from the door and?fill my so called ?leisure time? trying to figure out where my country is headed I?m almost too tired and depressed to even research and write a letter like this. But to the best of my ability and my understanding the above are all true and are but a fraction of the abuses of power this Administration has engaged in and the inability of Congress to stop them.

The bottom line is, by now it should be clear repealing, de-funding and depending upon court rulings does not work for people who imagine themselves above the law. And so I can?t help but conclude that its quite probable that the rest of Congress, besides yourself, fears if they ever were to come to their senses and work with you in drawing up articles of impeachment, Obama simply would send a polite little letter over to the House of Representatives informing them he had no intention of going along with that impeachment silliness and if Congress or the Judicial branch of government or anyone else in the nation did not like it?well? they could go fly a kite.

And that could get awkward!

And then if the House voted to impeach and the Senate were to find him guilty and vote to remove him from office, well then it probably would get downright nasty. Oh and there?s more? I suppose then he would be forced to just come right out, get it over with?and declare himself Caesar and our pitiful illusion of a Constitutional Republic would be shattered and we?d all have to face the truth. And that would not be good.

So I promise I won?t bug you about it again and that's the good news.

Now for the bad news.

Unfortunately, if you should decide this next election cycle to run for another term, I won?t be voting for you. It?s nothing personal against you, Sir and don?t worry about it too much because you see, I won?t be voting for any of your opponents either, be they Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, Tea Party, Mickey Mouse Club Party?or what-have-you. I?m just not voting for any candidate for District 4 Representative, nor will I vote for Senators or Presidents from now on.

Oh, I?ll still turn out to vote and try and continue to keep up with the various candidates for state and local offices. As you know we have many fine judges and law enforcement people here in NE Texas who do an excellent job of executing the duties of? their office and those Sheriff?s and Judges?deserve my vote. And on the state level I am very proud of the efforts of?Texas to try and push back the over-reaching Federal government, in spite of the Feds?threats of ?no fly zones? and lack of interest at looking?into the wild-fire damage in West Texas and etc.?Those efforts don?t always work but at least Texas speaks up and refuses to just go along with the herd. I thank the Good Lord Texas?is not the only state fighting off the Federal government, but I believe even if she stood alone, she would continue bravely on. As you well know, that's just kind of what we do down here in the Lone Star State, we see something that is just plain *flat out* wrong, we stand up against it and if it turns out we stand alone, well so be it. Therefore I?ll certainly keep voting for State Election Candidates. They deserve my vote.

But on the Federal level portion of the ballot???Well, unless something changes over there in Washington D.C. and changes big, I intend to start skipping over?several of those boxes on the 2012 ballot. It?s the Constitution, don?t you see? I still can recognize the reason?we call our Federally elected officials things like President and Vice-President of the United States, United States Senator, and United States House of Representative is because that's what the Constitution of the United States?refers to?them as. But that's the only part of the whole mess I can see having it?s basis in the Constitution.

Just their titles.

Have a good day, Sir.

Tracey M. Grissom

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