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Is the Lack of an Embossed Seal the Key?




by Sharon Rondeau

The image which the White House released identifies the name of the birth hospital

(May 5, 2011) ? On April 27, 2011, Barack Hussein Obama held a press conference following the release of what he claimed is a copy of his long-form birth certificate on file with the Hawaii Department of Health in Honolulu.

The image does not appear to contain an embossed seal, just as that of the ?Certification of Live Birth? released on the internet in June 2008 lacked that sign of authentication.? The registration number of the short-form document had also been blacked out, which, according to the statement on the bottom of the form, ?invalidated the certificate.?

Obama himself claimed that the short-form certification was his ?official birth certificate,? which could not have been true, given that he released something more detailed on April 27.? However, many had already labeled it a forgery.

Upon releasing the image in June 2008, the Daily KOS? stated, ?In any case, here is Obama?s birth certificate.?? However, that claim was disproved by the more detailed long-form birth certificates released by Eleanor Nordyke, whose twin girls were born a day after Obama?s alleged birth at Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu.

One similarity between the Certification of Live Birth and the image posted last Wednesday is that neither bears an embossed seal.? However, the birth certificates released by Mrs. Nordyke do, in the bottom-middle section between the signatures of the Director of Health and the Registrar General.

The U.S. State Department has strict requirements for those applying for U.S. passports, which the images Obama has claimed are his ?birth certificates? do not meet because they lack an official seal.? How, then, can these images be considered proof of anything?? Why would they not have contained a seal from the state of Hawaii?

An article describing Obama?s alleged birth and early childhood in Hawaii written by Will Hoover of the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on November 9, 2008? states that ?While most Obama residences can be traced, the hospital where he was born is difficult to document.?? Why should anyone?s birth hospital be ?difficult to document??? Hoover stated that a Kapiolani spokeswoman could not confirm Obama?s birth there due to the HIPAA law passed in 1996.? He was careful to say that ?according to Obama?s family and other sources, [Obama] was born at that hospital on Aug. 4, 1961.?

Perhaps that is because In 2006, the same journalist had stated that Obama had been born in Indonesia in an article comparing Obama to Tammy Duckworth, a candidate for Congress.? At that time, Hoover said that Duckworth and Obama had in common that they were both born outside the country.??? After a barrage of emails ?correcting? him, the story was changed to say that both Duckworth and Obama had attended Punahou School and that Obama had been born in Hawaii.? He failed to cite sources for either of the birthplaces he listed for Obama except a ?Google search? and ?an editor telling me about the error.?

A journalist?s job is to research various sources to find and report the truth.? Why would any good journalist change his story based on the word of an editor or a large number of emails?? Where was the verification that he was born either in Indonesia or Hawaii?

It is well-known that George W. Bush was born in New Haven, CT, and no HIPAA law seems to have prevented its discussion.? The law was passed in 1996 and Bush was elected president in 2000.

Obama?s purported long-form is missing the entire bottom section which the Nordyke documents contain, including the signatures and embossed seal.? There is a date stamp of April 25, 2011 and a registrar?s stamp, but no official signatures. According to the State Department, the document is therefore incomplete and not a certified copy of an original birth certificate.

Even after the release of the long-form image last week, Kapiolani Medical Center refused to confirm Obama?s birth there.? A long-time resident of Hawaii whose neighbor?s children were born there stated that the hospital of birth actually fills out the birth report and then sends it to the Health Department.? If that is the case, then Kapiolani should have a record for Obama, based on what Obama himself has told the public.

Since Obama has officially announced that he was born at Kapiolani, why will hospital public relations staff not confirm it?? They would not be breaking any privacy laws since Obama has already disseminated the information.

The ?marriage? of Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham might not have any validity, as Obama Sr. already had a wife in Kenya.? He was a polygamist who, instead of ?quitting? his studies at Harvard, was actually asked to leave because of his multiple wives and a situation which arose with another woman from the United Kingdom.? Is this one of the things Obama had hoped to hide from the general public?

Barack Obama Sr. was a citizen of Great Britain, and if citizenship flows from a father to his son, Obama Jr. was also born a citizen of Great Britain, regardless of whether or not he was born in the United States.

Document which appears to be a school registration form for Barack Hussein Obama in Indonesia indicating his citizenship as "Indonesian"

Following his several alleged residences in Hawaii from birth to age 6, Obama Jr. reportedly went to live in Indonesia after his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, married Lolo Soetoro, who had been a student at the University of Hawaii?s East-West Center.? It is reported that in the 1960s in Indonesia, a wife with foreign citizenship had to become an Indonesian citizen. It is possible that Obama had to? do the same in order to attend school.? If he ever had U.S. citizenship, how was it affected?

National Public Radio (NPR) had declared that Obama was born in Kenya, as did several African newspapers.? An Indonesian newspaper said the same thing, even specifying the village of his birth.? Members of the Kenyan Parliament proudly announced it on the record during a session in March 2010.

Has there ever been a person occupying the White House who had more foreign influence?? Is this the very thing which the Founders had feared when they included the term ?natural born Citizen? in Article II of the U.S. Constitution?

Has the extensive foreign influence from Obama?s past manifested itself in his reluctance to take out America?s enemies with a ?persistent hesitation to act?? Why was he described as ?an absentee president,? having been called off of the golf course to attend a national security meeting shortly before the operation to kill bin Laden was carried out by Navy SEALS?

Has faux Secretary of State Hillary Clinton been leaking Obama?s indecision about bin Laden and other matters to the press?? Is the reason the State Department has tightened its requirements to issue U.S. passports that she knows Obama would not qualify for one?

And what about Obama?s regime awarding U.S. citizenship to three men convicted on charges which connected them to international terrorism?? What does that say about Obama?s view of U.S. citizenship?

Does Obama even possess U.S. citizenship himself?? Does an alleged birth in Hawaii automatically grant it?? Did he become a citizen of Indonesia, and if so, did he ever naturalize in the United States, renouncing that foreign citizenship?

Is foreign influence the reason that Obama made himself chairman of the United Nations Security Council?? Is that why Muommar Qaddafi called Obama ?his son??

How are these foreign influences affecting the U.S. military?? Can they follow the orders of someone who seems to favor foreign enemies over domestic strength and victory? Is foreign influence the reason that Obama has refused to release photos of the SEAL operation to kill bin Laden, stating that the photos do not indicate ?who we are as a country??

Is Obama?s Muslim background the reason he allocated, by executive order, $20.3 million for Palestinians to relocate to the United States?? Is it why he bowed to the Saudi king?

Is foreign influence and ?Muslim faith? the reasons that Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood as a force in the future Egyptian government?

Is Obama qualified to represent the United States of America?

If not, when will the military decide that enough is enough?? Will the American people?

Despite the misleading title of a Fox News article, a document examiner who attempted to defend the long-form document did not rule out the possibility that it is a forgery.? If the birth documents Obama has released are forgeries, do we have a choice?

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