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Dr. Ron Polland Evaluates Obama?s ?Birth Certificate?




Introduction by Sharon Rondeau

Is this document an abstract of what was shown yesterday? Is either of them authentic?

(Apr. 28, 2011) ? On April 27, 2011, The Post & Email contacted Dr. Ron Polland, whose work we have cited here before, about the Certificate of Live Birth released by the White House online.

Last July we published a full-length interview in which Dr. Polland detailed why he was positive that the Certification of Live Birth posted online by Factcheck.org in 2008 and pictured at right was a forgery.

Dr. Polland was kind enough to respond to our inquiry on his opinion of the image presented to the public yesterday which we reported here.

Dr. Polland?s Analysis of the Certificate of Live Birth Released on April 27, 2011

The morons forget to flatten the layers! You should see what this looks like in Photoshop?or?any other Adobe program that reads PDF?s and works with layers.

The overlay tat was placed on top of this has a shadow on its left side ? and is curved as well ? from?a previous scan of a BC form.

This BC form looks?a lot like the B&W one we saw with Madeline Dunham?s fake signature on it.

A year ago, I proved to the world ? <a href=?http://www.youtube.com/TheDrRJP?>albeit via YouTube</a> ? that Obama?s COLB ?scan? is a fake: a composite image fabricated from dozens of individual image layers from within Photoshop.

This time out, whoever made this piece of junk forgot to flatten the layers!!!

Select the image in the PDF file, right-click and select copy, or press Control-C. Open a blank Word document and paste it in (right-click Paste or Control-V). Look at what you see:


Image which Dr. Ron Polland provided to us after providing his analysis of its composition

Now, my book will have yet another update after Donald Trump came along and flushed out all of the rats behind the conspiracy to forge it. I already went on record as saying that Chiyome Fukino lied through her teeth about Obama (?Obama Bombshell,? aka ?Blue Hawaii?), but I had no idea just how much and how far she would go on lying until she gave an interview with an MSNBC reporter.

This forgery is a sick joke, but I have no doubt the Obama freaks will hail it as being real.

For three years, this forged, one-sided image has been passed off as a ?digital scan? of Obama?s birth certificate.?

I have seen this ?new? ?long-form? image before ? and so has the P&E ? as a black and white typed version with Madeline Dunham as the signatory, not Ann Dunham Obama.

Without looking at what the White House released, I know it is also a forgery.? Right off the bat, Ann?s signature is forged.

The original COLB image that was posted by the Obama Campaign on the evening of June 12, 2008 was not produced by the Obama Campaign.

Let me repeat that:? the ?digital scan of ?Obama?s birth certificate? that was posted on the Obama Campaign website was not made by the Obama Campaign. In fact, the Campaign NEVER said they made it, so they have plausible deniability on it.

In the early morning of June 12, 2008, Markos Mousaltsis posted on his Daily Kos blog, for the first time anywhere, a COLB image alleged to be ?Obama?s birth certificate.? He refused to say from whom or from where he got it ? despite being asked directly by his ?Kossacks.?

He did say that he trimmed it.? Trimmed it from what, though?

His trimmed COLB measured 2427 x 2369 pixels and was saved at 44% quality in an unidentified image editor. The Photoshop header in the image?s Exif data was still there, as most image editors will not remove it automatically, but leave it up to the user to decide.

The first image also originated as a PDF posted on Obama?s My.BarackObama.com website as confirmed by Karen Tumulty of TIME Magazine and by the copy I downloaded at the same time. I and extracted the PDF image and saved it as a JPG before the Campaign swapped replaced the PDF with a JPG image when they realized that a PDF cannot be viewed without a standalone reader or browser plug-in, like those made by Adobe.

This 1000 x 1024 JPG copy came from the Kos JPG image but was resaved in a common image editor at 100% quality and @100DPI.

The quality settings, being approximations, are pretty much irrelevant for direct comparisons. What is important here is the chain of custody established by the editors used to make a 3rd generation copy of an unknown source image.

Confused yet? Wait, there?s more.

It was on June 13, the following day, that FightTheSmears.com was launched ? not with the same image posted the night before but with a more disproportionate reduction and resaved under different conditions ? this time with Photoshop, @100DPI and Save for Web 30.

I have saved every copy of the Obama COLB image ever posted on the Internet, whether publicly displayed or kept on soomeone?s server, as Politifact did.

That first JPG image posted by the Obama Campaign on the evening of June 12, was 1000 x 1024 pixels and was a direct copy and 42% reduction of the Kos image made AFTER Markos had trimmed and re-saved his image at 44% quality using an image editor that is found only on Macs. That 1000 x 1024 image was resaved at 100% quality, @300DPI, using any one of dozens of popular image editors including Photoshop 7.0. The Exif information in this copy had been removed.

The Photoshop Exif information in the Kos image is what led people to think that it was created (or at least resaved) in Photoshop CS3 for the Mac. Only two other image copies have that same Photoshop header: the untrimmed copy (2550 x 3300) on Factcheck.org saved in Photoshop with quality setting, Save at 8, and another direct reduction of the Kos image (800 x 781 pixels or 33% of the Kos image) posted on the Chicago Tribune and LA Times that was also resaved in Photoshop (version unknown) with quality setting, Saved for Web 60.

How many different copies of the one-sided COLB image have been made and found on the Internet?

The St. Petersburg Times/Politifact has 20 different copies alone. They are a veritable COLB factory ? and the ones who forged the original source image and who distributed the copies to everyone ? not the Obama Campaign.

All of this will come out in my book TBR any day now (barring other surprises).

Dr. Ron Polland

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