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I Can Emphatically Tell You That The Document Posted On White House.gov Has Been Either Pasted Together, Or For Some Reason, Taken Apart

Home - by BigFurHat - April 27, 2011 - 19:24 America/New_York - 108 Comments

People have been asking me to weigh in on the veracity of the newly released white house COLB because they know that in ?real life? I?m a graphic designer.

I can emphatically tell you that this document is not merely a scan of a document that has been uploaded to the internet. This is a document that has been either put together or taken apart prior to the upload, and even Charles Johnson would have to admit that.

After downloading the document that Whitehouse.gov made available to the public I opened the file in illustrator and the file is indeed in layers, which cannot happen unless the document was edited.

Furthermore, what is layered and the method of the layering is peculiar.

We see a grouping that contains only a portion of the background. We see groupings on key elements below the main body of the document. But the strangest anomaly is seen when we move these groupings.

Notice that the type is on its own layer, and when moved it reveals that the background was placed around the type and is absent behind it. This indicates that this document was most likely at some time worked on in photoshop. Without giving a full tutorial, this is achieved by pasting in a background while the type is selected in the inverse mode. The background would not appear behind the text. This is what has happened here.

Also notice that not all the text moves. Some text stays in place. This, one would assume, is text that would be part of the ?starting document? that someone would use to create a new document. It?s text that they didn?t need to scrub because it is text that is supposed to be on their new forgery.

Also notice that when the text is moved it goes behind the outer border that is supposed to be part of a solid document. Obviously this is not a solid document, but something pieced together.

The burning question is, why would the person who created this thing leave it editable before uploading? When you save a document in illustrator you have to proactively check a box that tells the program you want it left editable.

The government, even if they?re uploading documents that are expected to have been put together, should never offer it online as editable. That would be like uploading currency in layers so that a forger has a great template to work from.

Even on that level this is the gang that can?t shoot straight.

I was never an ardent ?birther? before, but I think I am now. This must be explained? (frankly, I don?t think it can be) and I would expect that progressives with an ounce of integrity would want the same.

UPDATE: NRO is reporting that this anomaly was the result of being scanned with Optical Character Recognition. It?s possible. But that explanation doesn?t account for how the outer frame of this document is sliced cleanly on a separate layer. OCR would not do that. The grouping would be jagged. It doesn?t account for how a perfect one inch square of the background was chosen as a separate layer. It also doesn?t account for what was left on the document ?untouched? as opposed to what was extracted.

To be fair, the most compelling part of NRO?s theory is that it would account for what I maintained was truly bizarre ? that the background would not appear below the text when the layers were shifted.

The question is, how have we come to this point of questioning every move Obama makes? The left will tell you it?s because the right is either crazy or racist, or both. That?s preposterous. Obama has been making his own bed. He delayed releasing what the Clinton campaign asked for over 2 years ago. He still hasn?t released his education or medical records. When a guy says he?s going to fundamentally transform America remove conservative principles from the American landscape, it matters little that he?s black. And you don?t have to be crazy, if you?re a conservative, to want him out of office.


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