Martes, 26 de abril de 2011

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Arguments in one of the lawsuits challenging Barack Obama?s eligibility to be President of the United States has finally worked its way through the California court system and will be heard by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on May 2.
?I can?t believe it, but after two years of Obama litigation, for the first time the court of appeals scheduled oral argument in [the] Obama case,? said Orly Taitz, a California attorney who has litigated a number of challenges to Obama.
Please read case is in New Orleans, Eastern District of Louisiana, 500 Poydras str. Room C-151, New Orleans, LA 70130., May 11, 2011, 11:00 AM
the veracity of all the claims and allegations in the articles.

Hornbeck Offshore Services, LLC v. Kenneth Lee ?Ken? Salazar Motion to Intervene by Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ

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was granted oral argument in yet another case, in New Orleans. If you are my supporter in LA or neighboring state, call me at 949-683-5411

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Great news !!! I was granted oral argument in a second case. I?kept it under wraps for as long as I could, but Obama supporters already got wind of this and posted the pleadings, so I can ?announce it.

As you know, First argument is in Pasadena, ca,May 2, 2011,?9 am 9th Circuit court of Appeals Courtroom 1, ?125 South Grant Street, Pasadena CA?. This is a case,where I represent former U.N. ambassador Alan Keyes, 10 state representatives and 30 members of US military

Second case is in New Orleans, Eastern District of Louisiana, 500 Poydras str. Room C-151, New Orleans, LA 70130., May 11, 2011, 11:00 AM

?I was granted an oral argument on my motion for a leave of court to join an ongoing case HornBeck v Salazar. This case revolves around Obama administration?s capricious?actions in imposing moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and after the District Judge ordered to lift the moratorium, Obama regime is de facto refusing to comply with the order by refusing to grant drilling permits.

My argument is, that there is a common thread?in this case ?and my cases, as all of the anti-American actions are coming from one individual, who is not legitimate in the White House,?and who is sitting there without a valid long form birth certificate and without a valid Social Security number of his own.??

If you are my supporter and able to come to the oral argument in Pasadena CA on May 2nd or New Orleans, LA, May 11, please come to support me. As?I travel a lot around the country and airfair in not cheap, I would greatly appreciate if you can help with frequent flyer miles or hotel?frequent visitor credits or donations. ?As the hearing is on?May 11 th,?I will need to fly on the 10th.?

Keep in mind, there are no guarantees in anything, but?the fact of the matter is, that the courts refused to grant any oral arguments?for 2 years. Just getting an oral argument and being able to air these issues in open court is an achievement in? itself. ?I can?t guarantee that my appeal in the 9th circuit will be granted, I can?t guarantee that my motion in Louisina will be granted, but these are very important steps in today?s environment, when oil prices are skyrocketing and americans are?burried in mounting debt. I can guarantee?one thing- I will keep fighting, until I will win, until this complete fraud and illegitimkate usurper is kicked out of the White House and until he and his accomplices are criminally prosecuted for this unprecedented Social Security fraud, elections fraud and treason against the people of the United States of America. Please, spread the word and support my effords

PS. Full?motion with exhibits is about 50 pages, Mr. Murray will post the pdf ?later today or tomorrow.?

Dr. Orly Taitz ESQ
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ph. 949-683-5411
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