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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The far left progressives are playing a game of Catch 22 with the election system once again


The far left progressives are playing a game of Catch 22 with the election system once again

~ Commander Charles Kerchner ~

Before the election date of 2008 the Congress told people it is the state's job to vet the candidates. And the state's secretaries of states said it was not their job. Some said and one court judge said it was up to Congress. The Congress refused to address it and ducked the issue like the politically correct cowards they are. Before the election date the courts said the case is moot because Obama may not win the election. Then after he won ... oops it's too late to apply the Constitutional law of the land, he won the election. And then later of course in the infamous secret CRS Memo circulated secretly to members of Congress in April 2009, those lawyers said it is the responsibility of the states. Now that the states are doing something about this Catch 22 mess and gaming of the election and legal system by Obama and the progressives, now the far left progressives are saying ... nope it's not up to the states but up to the federal government to decide. Basically the bottom line of the far left progressives is that they don't want any rules or vetting. They want to let anyone run even if not a Citizen at all like the Socialist Party candidate Calero. The far left progressives want a pure democracy with no rules with 51% determining who the President and Commander of our Military is to be ... Constitution and fundamental law be damned from their point of view. A pure democracy is just a stepping stone to mob rule and that ultimately leads to a tyrannical nationalist socialist takeover to restore order. The is what the far left want. It's the end game of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. No rules, no Constitution except for what the few far left elite will dictate for the moment to suit their needs then change them 30 days later to suit that times need.

The far left progressives and their lawyers and money gamed the system in the 2008 election cycle. Now we have come full cycle and they are trying to do it all over again ... it's not the states job it's Congress' job. Here we go again ... Catch 22 all over again.

Read this essay about our Cloward-Piven Government in which Obama is driving the country into the end game to throw out the Constitution and install a national socialist new government in response to the calls from the mob rule of 51% to end the misery that Obama and his Obots are creating.

CDR Kerchner (Ret)

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