Jueves, 14 de abril de 2011

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There he goes?again?

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The O?Bloviator?s been spinning on the Factor again, folks. ?This pompous ass is amazingly sloppy with his facts. ?Maybe his producers aren?t ?watching out for him?? Deliberately feeding him misinformation to make him look even more foolish than he already does? ?Or?naw! ?Couldn?t be he?d intentionally lie to YOU, the folks he?s watching out for?.

Retired USNR Commander Charles Kerchner, lead plaintiff in the case of Kerchner et al v Obama caught this on Wednesday evening?s ?The Spin Stops Here But not Really, O?Reilly? show.

Bill O?Reilly told a big fat whopper and piece of disinformation on the ending email comments segment of his TV show tonight when he said in answer to an email comment about Obama having a SSN from CT, O?Reilly then said that Obama?s father lived for several years in CT and probably got it for his son.

When that CT number was issued circa Mar 1977, Obama?s father was back in Kenya for many years and Obama was age 15 living in Hawaii in the legal custody of his maternal grandparents. There is no way Obama Sr. in Kenya could have requested a SSN for Obama Jr. living in Hawaii and got issued a CT SSN.

It also should be pointed out that Harvard, which is the New England college Obama Sr. attended for a few years in the early 1960s before returning to Kenya, is in Massachusetts, not Connecticut. So O?Reilly is either completely stupid or he is purposely putting out false information to protect Obama.

NOTE: ?OReilly attended Boston College and took a course or two at Harvard. ?He knows quite well where both those institutions of higher learning are located.

Is O?Reilly dancing to the tune or Obama?s Homeland Security Department warnings and disinformation to keep Obama?s usurpation a national security secret with fear of violence threats if Obama?s fraud is exposed or is O?Reilly simply a closet progressive and Obama?s lapdog?

Listen to this audio interview of Susan Daniels, Licensed Private Investigator, of the great state of Ohio at about 18 minutes and 25 seconds in where she destroys the above false story that O?Reilly repeated tonight. Listen to the entire audio if you have time. It?s 34 minutes full of good, solid information on the Obama fraudulent use of a CT SSN.

Obama should be charged with criminal felony identity theft for using since at least 1986 someone else?s CT SSN, and criminal felony Selective Service Registration fraud for filing a back-dated SSS registration via his contacts in the Chicago IL regional selective service registration office circa 2007/2008 when he decided to run for President.

The truth must be allowed to come out. It will come out eventually. The longer the grifter and usurper in chief is in the Oval Office and is the commander of our military, the more damage he will do to our nation, republic, and constitution. When will the cowardly Congress and courts act? ?The Central American country of Honduras had more backbone in dealing with an unconstitutional President than our Congress and Courts do. Obama is making American the laughing stock of the world and is a grave threat to our liberty. He must be removed by Congress as a usurper.

CDR Kerchner (Ret)

Sorry O?Bloviator. The spin stops here.

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