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Who is Jean Paul?Ludwig?

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Senator Reed, PA, J. P. Ludwig's employer

Jean Paul Ludwig came to the United States from France to work for Pennsylvania Senator David Aiken Reed in 1924 arriving through Ellis Island.

Senator Reed, whose book collections include multiple volumes in French, was the co-author of the Immigration Act of 1924 that limited immigration to the United States to certain ?geographic? (read race) areas. Senator Reed was buried in Arlington National Cemetery in 1953

From the Ellis Island records:

Place of Birth: France, Ammersville.

Height 5′5″, Complexion Dk., Hair Br., Eyes Br., Marks of ID: None

First Name: Jean P.
Last Name: Ludwig
Ethnicity: France
Last Place of Residence: Washington, D.C.
Date of Arrival: Aug 12, 1924
Age at Arrival: 34 Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Leviathan
Port of Departure: Cherbourg, France
Manifest Line Number: 0008

U.S. Social Security Death Index
Name: Jean Ludwig
Birth Date: 17 February 1890
Zip Code of Last Residence: 96816 (Honolulu,HI)
Death Date: June 1981
Estimated Age at Death: 91

Jean Paul Ludwig is also the person whose? Social Security Number was stolen is being used by Barack Hussein Obama.


Identity Theft as a Foundation


Stolen Identity

This stunning information? including name, death location and date?combined with the perfect circumstances of Madelyn Payne Dunham?s access to Hawaii probate records in 1981, reveals the unforgivable, criminal conclusion that the person named ?Barack Hussein Obama? has/is committed/ing identity theft and is fraudulently occupying the office of the Presidency.

An entire false identity was created for Obama/Soetoro/Dunham using Mr. Ludwig?s social security number, available to Madelyn Dunham when Ludwig died in Honolulu in June 1981. The T-Room notes that Obama?s use of this social security number

?has been tied to Obama?s State Senate and US Senate offices and his private residences, as well as land line phone numbers since coming stateside to attend Occidental College in California?and further surfaced in his back-dated, fraudulent Selective Service registration.

Obama is using Ludwig?s SSN right now as an occupant of the White House.

The T-Room?s interview with Susan Daniels, approximately one hour, discusses that back-dating of Obama?s Selective Service registration occurred sometime between 2007-2008.

Who is Sitting in the White House?

Since there is certainly no authenticated Hawaiian Long Form Birth Certificate in the name of Barack Hussein Obama II, and no authenticated Kenyan Birth Certificate in the name of Barack Hussein Obama II, America has absolutely no idea who is sitting in the Oval Office. Except?

We do know? that based on his life story, Obama is not a natural born citizen? and never can meet the eligibility requirements of? the U.S. Constitution for the office of the Presidency.

We also now know that Obama has been using stolen social security number?identity? for? thirty years.

Now it is clear that the narrative upon which Obama stands as a politician political character is a house of cards, sand, and mirages?his ?roots? in a foreign father? his fatal constitutional flaw. Obama is incapable of meeting our Founders? most stringent and urgent demand for the Presidency: loyalty to America alone.

To urgently call attention to the problem we face with a usurper, be aware!? A Natural Born Citizen would not have gone to war against Libya by himself, using our men and women.? A Natural Born Citizen would be aware of the historic reasons why the Founders did not vest that power in the President.

In the meantime, the media buffoons, liars and communists by proxy continue to cover for Obama? as Bill O?Lielly lives up to his name once again.

The Stunning Scale of? Operation(s) Deception

Starting with identity theft before ?Obama? was 20 years old, an entire ?career? was fabricated? some of which we know but most remains as secret as Operation Paperclip. (Yes, the reference was intentional as the parallels are too strong to miss).? The deception of? birthplace-versus natural born citizenship?through the multiple birth certificates, the failure to verify and vet, the disguise of ?the parties??all these combined in 2008 to pull off the greatest crime against the American people since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.? Pure deception. A ?fairy tale?

The republicans ran the poorest candidate, John McCain and then undermined Sarah Palin?MCain?s best chance to beat Obama.? Then House-Speaker and DNC Chairwoman Nancy Pelosi certified to fifty states that Obama was constitutionally eligible for the Presidency.? Chief Justice John Roberts illegally and knowingly administered the Oath of Office to a usurper?twice, once outside of public view and without a Bible.? Knowingly and with malice aforethought, the planned usurpation of the Presidency was orchestrated by the media and? in retrospect, a ?well known? secret between the republican-democrat-progressive cabal.

Now, who is Jean Paul Ludwig?


Usurper breaking into the White House.

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