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It?s Much More Than the Birth Certificate, Mr. Trump!



March 31, 2011


What did the Framers mean by the term "natural born Citizen?"

Mr. Donald Trump
Trump Organization
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY? 10022

Dear Mr. Trump,

Thank you for taking up the Barack Obama issue.? You are the only person who has questioned publicly, ?Why is the king wearing no clothes?!?? All the people who one would have presumed and expected to take the lead have apparently refused to do so for reasons of political expediency, fear of being called a racist, just going along with the Party line, or because of their own complicity.? They are all cowards and traitors to this country!

Let me explain.? You have the birth certificate issue correct, but there is so much more to this story, Mr. Trump.? Even if Obama had been born in this country (which has never been proved or even vetted), that would not in and of itself qualify him to meet the Constitution?s requirement of being a natural born Ccitizen, a child born of two American citizens and born in this country.? One must be of the blood and of the soil.? Obama had a father who was subject to the British Crown and so was Obama at his birth.? He has openly acknowledged being born a British citizen.? So, the birth certificate issue is important, but Obama?s dual-citizenship and divided allegiance are even more important.

As one who was born and raised in New York state, I want to be as blunt as maybe only we New Yorkers can be:? Barack Hussein Obama is a radical socialist who, with the aiding and abetting of the Democratic Party and most likely the Republican Party, and judges from the lower levels right up to the Supreme Court, and with the complicit mainstream media providing cover, is neither qualified nor eligible to serve as President of the United States.? He is a usurper!? How did he get there?? Who funded him?? Is George Soros behind it?? Has there been a conspiracy and fraud committed upon America the likes of which we have never before seen in this country?? To see all the evidence that has been gathered so far (Obama?s Kenyan father, his Connecticut SSAN, phony ?BC?, questionable Selective Service Registration, et al), and to be deprived at every legitimate quarter (Congress, the Courts, the media, etc.) for evidence substantiating who Obama really is, one would more than likely have to say, ?America has been deceived.?

We Americans have been punked, lied to, marginalized and put in prison (LTC Lakin, LCDR Fitzpatrick) to protect the usurper squatting in our White House.? Why has Obama been propped up and protected so vociferously?? Is the answer that our Constitution, our capitalist, free-market system was overthrown in the 2008 election so that radical socialists could effect their warped ideas of redistribution, statism, and godless philosophies on an America they hate?? I do not think one needs to look much further for the truth than that, only deeper.

There have been millions of us protesting and trying to get our Congressmen, the media, and the courts to vet Obama, all to no avail.? And now comes Donald Trump who obviously suffers no fools and starts asking questions.? And because you are a celebrity and have wealth and status, you are being listened to.? What us regular Americans have been unable to do for 2-1/2 years, you are starting to do by blowing the lid off the silence.? I say ?starting? because I realize you have just waded into the morass and there is so much more to this story, as you are probably already discovering.

In short, Mr. Trump, you have looked at the buck-naked king and asked the obvious question.? I have no doubt that you have the temerity to dig deeper, the strength of character and personality to take on Obama?s propaganda machine, and the resolve to see this issue blown wide open.? You will surely be one for the history books, Mr. Trump, because out of more than 300 million Americans, you are the ONLY person who has taken on Barack Hussein Obama, the Great Pretender, the Marxist who hates America.? Now let?s finish the job and save our Constitution, our American way of life and free-market system, and out the usurper and all those in the Obama conspiracy and clean house!? America is behind you!? Just ask for whatever information you want and I will?gladly help facilitate getting it to you.? My phone number is ????..and email is ????...

Gratefully yours and God Bless America!

Kathleen Gotto

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