Domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011

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The Great Obama Red?Awakening

I cannot take any credit for the following observations although I share each and every one wholeheartedly. (Yes. I know. It?s preaching to the choir. Just pass it on. Please.)

Alan Caruba asks in ?Obama, As Red As It Gets?:

  • ?
      . the socialist menace of the nation?s public sector unions,
      . the centralization of education in the federal government,
      . the threat of the Environmental Protection Agency?s assertion of control over America?s energy sector,
      . the refusal of the Interior Department to grant drilling permits,
      . the devaluation of the U.S. dollar by the Federal Reserve,
      . and the incremental efforts of an anti-American government to undermine defense, national security, our economy, and our worldwide reputation as a defender of freedom.
  • Isn?t it about time that the mainstream media and all others begin to examine the record and conclude that a

    Communist holds the reins of power in the White House? ? America has never had a Communist President until now.

    While others have written how obvious it is that Obama is a ?Socialist?, I think this is a matter of caution in a society that has not seriously used the word ?Communist? since the 1950s when entities like the House Un-American Activities Committee actively investigated and exposed how many existed in the government, the unions, and Hollywood.

    It?s not like Barack Hussein Obama has come out and said, ?Yes, I?m a Communist?, but you don?t have to have a PhD in Political Science to connect the dots. The process is made murky by the way Obama has deliberately covered his tracks wherever he could, while dropping broad hints. ?

    The harm and damage done by our first Communist President will take years to repair, but Americans have wakened to:

Lawyer Kelly O?Connell writes in ?Why Did He Even Bother Running? Obama Leadership Vacuum Menaces Globe? at Canada Free Press:

    Has any modern political figure ever squandered political goodwill in the manner of Obama?trading near messianic devotion from a hundred million for not even a cup of proverbial porridge in return? His political pratfalls occur only as often as he makes decisions. But even the most hardened Obama backers had to shudder and roll their eyes this week when Barack fixated on college basketball ?brackets? instead of ongoing tragedy, chaos and the loss of tens of thousands. It became transparent?in a way in which only disasters bring clarity?that Obama is a boy amongst men, only haphazardly observing history?s progress the way a house cat mindlessly follows a fluttering object. ?

    Recent tragedies and conflicts utterly prove Obama?s wholesale lack of principle. The import is he is wholly unpredictable, and will only be directed by circumstance and self-advancement. If we account for his indifference to history, democracy, capitalism, and Christianity?then shoehorn-in issues of mental competency, it adds up to perhaps the worst presidency in US history. We might only be one more simple crisis away from a total leadership implosion, given how Barack seems to lead less and less with each mounting disaster. In midst of one of history?s strongest earthquakes, an associated nuclear disaster, and political meltdown in Libya and across the Middle East, Obama reveals childish instincts to run and hide. He has all the enthusiasm of a hemophiliac at a knife-throwers convention. So we need to hit the reset button with 2 years left. ?

    Barack is helping promote the biggest con job in socialist history. He sells the belief leftists access a body of wisdom unparalleled in human history, allowing stunningly correct decisions, light-years ahead of anyone else. We can call this the ?One Right Solution? approach to leadership; an antidote to any problem. This idea derives from the notion good government is based upon humanistic roots that then cast up a Great Socialist to lead the people towards enlightenment. Consider these human super-dynamos who appeared to lead a nation helpless of dolts: Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, etc. But the real track-record of socialism is almost as convincing as that of alchemy.

    From where does such an outlandish idea come, that leftism has answers to life?s problems? By virtue of the sudden triumph of radical humanism against slowly developed traditions?often with roots in revealed religion. We can briefly note socialism represents a qualitative simplification of every important institution in the Western constitutional canon. Republicanism becomes vulgar democracy before its pushed into tyranny. Capitalism is crushed into socialism. Military strength is downsized into appeasement. The Rule of Law is reduced to the notion government can do no wrong. Related, religion is outlawed or belittled into subservience, and State itself then becomes a god. Rights of Free Speech, and other civil liberties and criminal rights therefore become enfolded into the state.

Luke Matthews writes about Democratic tribalism at

    The only thing holding the Democratic coalition together is the shared moniker of ?Democrat.?

    The Obama administration can feel the rumblings and hear the faults begin to crack. As a result, the president and members of his administration are battening down the hatches, abandoning all pretense of governing, and doing what they think the do best; campaigning.

    Barack Obama?s campaign in 2008 was considered magnificent. He ousted Hillary Clinton from her dominance over the nomination fight, created a persona no one could match, and defeated the entire Republican brand in the form of John McCain and a huge swath of Republican lawmakers. Following his victory, it was Obama who bragged that Democrats need not worry about making unpopular votes in Congress. When questioned about the 1994 landslide against the Democrats giving the House and Senate to the GOP, Obama scoffed. Then Rep. Marion Berry D-Arkansas recalled; ??They just kept telling us how good it was going to be. The president himself, when that was brought up in one group, said, ?Well, the big difference here and in ?94 was you?ve got me.? We?re going to see how much difference that makes now.? Obama and his entourage believed The Won would have coattails that spread like FDR. He believed he was charmed and could dispense that popularity like confetti upon the endangered few. The Democratic Party-aligned mainstream media also promulgated this idea. Obama?s campaigning skills were so powerful, he could just fly into a district or state and the people would flock to his side.

    2010 proved just how wrong he really was. In fact, candidates fled before he arrived. Tim Kaine, Democratic National Committee chair pleaded with Democrats nationwide to embrace Obama, Obamanomics, Obamacare, and all things Obama-esque. This would be a winning combination, Kaine argued.

    The ones who were in deep navy blue districts or states survived. Those who were in districts that even tinged purple, lost. Or, managed to avoid appearing even slightly in favor of all things Obama. Joe Manchin in West Virginia is a good example. He only won by shooting a big example of Democratic legislative thuggishness in the form of a bill.

    Obama is now the brand. Many Democrats, those who still embrace the label and are reasonable, are scared to death. Obamanomics has failed miserably. The economy is sputtering. Job growth is anemic. Inflation is rearing its ugly head for the first time in decades. We are deeply addicted to spending, spending everyone realizes is poisonous. The deficits and debt weigh heavy on the general public and their attitudes toward their government. Overseas, we are viewed with suspicion, or jocularity, or outright contempt. For a president who promised peace, we are still embroiled in two occupations that look like wars and we are now saber-rattling in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya.

    This is a president watching as his empty promises and failed policies drain the vigor from his Party.

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