Jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

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US Veteran Files Police Complaint ? Obama Accused of Electoral Crimes



by Robert Laity, as posted at Australia News


Why does the mainstream press insist on calling him "President Obama?"

(Mar. 17, 2011) ? Obama is a faux ?President.?? Only bona-fide Presidents are covered by the provisions of the Impeachment protocol.? I disagree that a ?sitting? POTUS must be impeached first.? Some who may appear to be a ?sitting President? are NOT (Example:? Chester Arthur).

ONLY? bona fides Presidents can be impeached.

Obama can be immediately arrested and face charges in the USDC District of DC, where the crime of usurpation occurred. There is Prima Facie evidence that Obama has never BEEN POTUS. His father was NOT an American. Obama has British Jus Sanguinis and American Jus Sanguinis. Even if Obama was born in the Lincoln Bedroom (US Jus Soli) Obama I NOT a Natural Born Citizen. A Natural-Born Citizen is ?one born in a Country of Citizen ParentS?

Secondly, Obama is a traitor and is precluded from holding ?Any office under the US?. It is the powers that be that are misprisioners of Treason and Felony. ?We the People? MUST act to correct this untenable situation lest our nation falls.

?`This, even if it means MASS Impeachments of responsible Court and Legislative officials as well.

?The President,Vice President and ALL civil officers of the United States SHALL BE REMOVED from office on Impeachment for, and conviction of Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors? Article II, Sec.4 (US Const.)

Obama is, prima facie NOT a ?Sitting President.?? I believe that it is ?Repugnant to the Constitution? that a ?Sitting President? cannot be charged with crimes.

See Marbury v. Madison, USSCt,(1803)

I have filed formal charges against Obama. Many others have done so.? Obama formally STANDS ACCUSED. Indeed, if an imposter ?Sitting President? could NOT be charged with a Crime, how would he be brought to the Bar of Justice?? Impeachment is a process that is reserved for bona-fides Civil Officers and one that is controlled by the contemporaneous political milieu. It is such a Milieu that allowed Hitler to gain power in Germany.

Obama collaborators, such as Nancy Pelosi, who misrepresented Obama?s qualifications to BE POTUS are still in the Congress and Senate. There are two ways an Impeachment can go. One is a vote not to Impeach,the other TO Impeach. While a fair and constitutional process when a bona-fides POTUS is being Impeached, it is NOT constitutional when a faux POTUS is allowed to proceed under it?s umbrella. A vote NOT to Impeach would be a serious threat to National Security allowing a felonious fraud to continue to usurp the Presidency unabated.

IF and only IF Obama were undoubtedly the Bona-Fides POTUS should Impeachment be the proper forum to address Obama?s crimes. Insofar as Obama?s very authority to BE President is in grave question,THAT issue MUST be decided BEFORE Impeachment could or should even be considered.

Obama,in light of the prima facie evidence against him can be arrested pursuant to already formally registered Charges against him for election fraud and treason as well as using multiple SSNs, inter alia. He can be arrested by ANY law enforcement officer having Jurisdiction in DC and the USDC for the District of DC has Jurisdiction. Ronald Machen, US Attorney for the USDC District of DC, has known about the Charges against Obama for years now.

Robert C. Laity

Founding President,

Society for the Preservation of Democracy and Human Rights.
Reposted with the permission of Greg Rogers, Editor-in-Chief of
Australia News.

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