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Constituent Calls for Congressional Investigation



February 4, 2011

If Obama found his birth certificate as he stated in his book, why doesn't he simply produce it to end the speculation?

Dear Editor:

The following letter was sent to my congressman today:

I am requesting a Congressional Investigation into the ELIGIBILITY of Barack Obama to serve as President of the United States. Now that 58% of the American people have questions, let?s just get to the truth?one way or the other.

Is that too much to ask of an elected official, such as you?

All I want to know is the TRUTH.

And, Mr. Obama can provide that, within minutes?in his book, he said that he has a copy of his birth certificate.

And, if he does not cooperate, a Congressional Inquiry Panel can get to the bottom of this.

After all, we are only interested in the TRUTH as to his eligibility.

Please, ACT NOW, so we can be sure whether he is, indeed, legally sitting in the Oval Office.

Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution requires that a Presidential candidate be a natural born citizen. As of yet, Barack Obama has NOT produced such a long-form, original, birth certificate.

I cannot believe why he continues to, reportedly, spend millions of dollars to hide his background. Why can?t the U.S. Congress get to the bottom of this?

Thank you for your time and for your consideration,

Clyde W Hodge

Mr. Obama has not been forthcoming with any of the documents which would shed much light on his early years. When you peruse the following list, you will realize one thing: you wouldn?t spend two million dollars to conceal this information from media scrutiny, unless you had something to hide.

  • Kindergarten records
  • Punahou school records
  • Occidental College records
  • Columbia University records
  • Harvard Law School records
  • Passport
  • Medical records
  • Files from his years as an Illinois state senator
  • Illinois State Bar Association records
  • Baptismal records
  • Adoption records

Yet, he has spent nearly $2 million, according to published reports, to HIDE these records from the American people!

Since the 2008 election, questions of possible wire fraud, social security number fraud, voter fraud, illegal campaign contributions and failure to qualify as a ?natural born Citizen? of the United States have all been raised by citizens but have either been ignored, answered with a form letter, or dismissed without a hearing from various courts.

Obama himself has stated that he was born a dual citizen of the U.S. and Great Britain due to a British citizen father. He has never shown the public any conclusive certified true and correct paper documentary proof of his alleged U.S. citizenship to any controlling legal authority such as Congress or a court of law, but evidence was presented early on in the presidential campaign that Obama might have become a citizen of Indonesia as a child. Various accounts of his life differ as to when he was taken to Indonesia and when he might have returned to Hawaii, if he had ever lived there previously. There are numerous statements by public officials and news outlets in Kenya stating that he was born in Kenya.

No hospital in Hawaii will confirm that Obama was born there, although the Hawaii Department of Health has stated that they ?have Sen. Obama?s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures.? However, they will not state what kind of birth registration record it was and no name of the doctor, medical attendant, or midwife who assisted with the alleged birth in Hawaii has ever been provided. No witnesses to the birth have ever been named.

Later, the Director of Health stated that she could confirm that Obama was a ?natural-born American citizen,? although she refused to expound on how she claimed that knowledge or the legal definition she utilized to make the determination. The complete absence of any corroborating independently verifiable evidence that Obama was physically born in Hawaii and not just falsely registered as being born there by his maternal grandmother using a simple mail-in form available at the time gives Americans numerous reasons to be concerned about Obama?s true legal identity.

1. The candidates for the position of the president and Vice-President of the United States have to provide Secretary of state and elections committee a valid certified copy of an original long form U.S. birth certificate and a certified copy of the original valid social security card. When such documents are verified, the secretary of state will redact the last four digits of the Social Security number and will provide the public with the certified copy of the original long form birth certificate and with the redacted copy of the original valid Social Security number. At no time will there be any redacting of the first three digits of the social security number, as those signify the state, where the candidate applied for the Social Security card.

2. Above documents are required to provide documentary evidence, showing that the Candidate is eligible to U.S. presidency according to Article 2, section 1 of the U.S. Constitution, whereby
The candidate is a Natural Born US citizen, ?One who was born in the United States of America
to two U.S. citizen parents.?

In U.S. there is a need to bring back the rule of law and the rule of Constitution. In GA, where I Represented Major Cook and CPT Dr. Rhodes and provided information that obama does not have a valid Social Security number of his own and does not have a valid long form BC and has citizenship of 3 other Nations, Judge Land ruled that it was frivolous to question obama in light of all this evidence and tried to intimidate and silence me with $20,000 of unconscionable sanctions.

When LTC Dr. Lakin questioned obama?s legitimacy for the position of the Commander in Chief, Judge Lind ruled that he cannot bring any evidence of obama?s illegitimacy and she de facto turned his court martial into lynching.? Lind and Land, Ying and Yang, highlighted for the rest of the country, what many of us already knew: utter corruption, lack of adherence to the Constitution and rule of law by judges. We see pandering to the illegitimate dictator instead of a healthy Constitutional Republic with democratic principles and transparent and unbiased courts.

Everyone has to be engaged in this battle. This is our Alamo. Many asked me, why I am so passionate about this issue. My response is, ?if we allow such utter fraud and utter disrespect of The Constitution in the office of the president, than absolutely anything and everything can and Will be done to us, as we lost our Constitutional right as and freedoms and turned into sheeple led to slaughter?.

Written by Dr. Orly Taitz Esquire.

As a natural born citizen of the United State and a voter, I ?Clyde W Hodge? concur with this 100%!

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