Viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

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Exclusive investigation: frantic effort to stop questions on Obama eligibility

Private investigators have revealed to Conservative Examiner the details of an investigation into the frantic effort by Obama operatives to stop all questions concerning the Constitutional issue of Presidential eligibility.

The ongoing investigation has been a work-in-progress for several months, and the sources state that there is much more information to come.

Central to the investigation is the inability of concerned citizens to discover whether or not Barack Obama's father was a British subject at the time of Obama's birth in Hawaii. ?Regardless of whether or not Obama was born in the states, if his father were a British subject at the time of the birth, the Constitution indicates he would not meet the eligibility requirement that he be a 'natural-born citizen.'

The Framers of the Constitution stipulated that potential Presidents be solely loyal to the United States and its Constitution, and thus, a person born to a parent who was a British subject, even if the other parent were an American citizen, would be disqualified from serving. ?

'Natural-born citizen' is a specific term denoting a specific concept. ?It is much more than simply being born in the U.S. ?The concept refers to a person whose parents were U.S. citizens at the time of the birth. ?

The Framers had just fought a bloody and costly war to secure independence. ?They did not want any possibility that a potential President could have divided loyalties between the new fledgling Republic and the British empire from which they had declared themselves independent.

Yet, so far Barack Obama, his lawyers, the Democratic Party, and Leftwing organizations have frantically attempted to prevent anyone from discovering whether or not Obama's father was a British subject.

Obama apologists have claimed that there has been no effort at all to thwart attempts to make such a discovery. ?But Conservative Examiner can now reveal that an entire network of Obama operatives have done exactly that and have used unseemly tactics to smear those who even raise the questions concerning Presidential eligibility.

Conservative Examiner can now reveal that 2 websites have been devoted to the singular purpose of maligning, disparaging, and threatening conservatives who wish to discover the truth about Obama's background. ?Those sites are Politijab and Fogbow. ?The main players behind the scheme are those with the screen names of 'Foggy,' 'Realist,' and 'Justin.'

Fogbow, by the way, is one of the main sources of libelous remarks about conservatives in the aftermath of the Tucson massacre. ?The site disparages conservatives on a continual basis, accusing them of making 'death threats' which led to the shootings, although there is not a shred of evidence linking Loughner to the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, or ANY conservative.

Investigators have also received a copy of the entire membership lists of the groups involved and have discovered that a team of top Democratic attorneys have been working in tandem with the groups to attempt to shut down all talk about the issue of Presidential eligibility as it relates to Barack Obama.

The question is, why? ?If it is true that Obama has nothing to hide and that conservatives are 'nuts' for raising the question, then why has this group been formed that is solely dedicated to squelching questions about eligibility? ?And why would they have the assistance and backing of an entire team of Democratic Party lawyers?

Here are some excerpts from the groups, revealing the intent and tactics utilized by Politijab and Fogbow:

From Justin: 'I was bashing birthers on an obsessively daily basis earlier than anyone else here. ?And believe me, I was exceedingly good at it. ?I reveled in it. ?It was a blast. ?Many of you will never know the extent to which I supported the cause against the birthers, and I'm okay with that. ?The reasons I did it were that I believed in the President's ability affect real change, to influence this nation in a positive direction...through his agenda.

'...what does a site centered around an issue that was resolved from the beginning (Obama's heritage) do with itself when even that issue no longer matters, because Obama is no longer in office? ?It could be two years from now...'

The writer goes further to name his targets and, sometimes erroneously, refers to them as 'birthers' when in actuality many of them are not convinced of anything until somebody, somewhere produces proof for all to see concerning Obama's eligibility. ?To raise questions about the hidden nature of the information is not the same as declaring Obama to be ineligible without any proof.

Conservative Examiner is in possession of the complete membership list of this group. ?Investigators, including attorneys, are continuing their efforts to discover the full names of the persons behind the screen names.


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