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Very important, Orly Taitz needs your help





Please,?note that ll of the information that I?am providing is public knowledge and public domain and is available to every one of you. Documents posted above belong to deceased individuals and therefore?available to the public.

What is the significance of these documents? Multiple?National databases show Barack Obama?s name connected to the first social security number. This number belongs to deceased Lucille Ballantyne, mother of Harry C Ballantyne, former chief actuary of the Social?Security administration, who had access to all of SSA databases.

You can see that the application for Lucille Ballantyne was made in 1959, even though she was born in 1912. Below the actual application? is a computer printout, called numident, and you can see correspondent date 8/1959.

Below Lucille Ballantyne?s numident, there is a numident for deceased Thomas Wood. Why his SS-5 is important. His number was 042-68-4424. A number just after it is 042-68-4425.? The first digits 042 signify Connecticut. The second number 042-68-4425 was assigned to an elderly individual, born in 1890. Just like Lucille Ballantyne, this individual did not apply until the old age,when there was a need for SS benefits. According to multiple National databases it was obtained in Norfolk CT between 1976-1977. From 1980-1981 this number was assumed by Barack Hussein Obama. It shows in his Selective Service application and it is being used by him today.

There is a clear stonewalling, as SSA was supposed to give us an actual application for? Thomas Wood, as he is deceased, they were supposed to give us a legible numident, instead we got this blurry, unreadable numident. It looks like someone at SSa does not want us to pinpoint the date of the application. I have an idea in regards to this date, but I want you to look at this picture and tell me, what number do you think represents the date of the application on this numident for Thomas Wood.

Also, I am trying to?find any and all info about this individual, born in 1890. SSA application could have been filled out by the administrator of the hospital or hospice. Please check Danburry hospital, Danburry ?hospice and John Paul Hospital in CT, as well as retirement homes in the area,?mortuaries, cemeteries, doctor?s and dentists offices. dates to remember: DOB 1890, application filled out 1976-1977, date of death 1977-1981. I really need your help in getting to the bottom of this mystery.

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