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Treason and Sedition are on Display throughout our Government

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by Neil Turner


How many politicians, military officers and government employees have committed treason against the U.S. Constitution which they are sworn to uphold?

(Jan. 2, 2010) ? A word of thanks is now due to the new ?Thug in Chief? on the block, Hawaii?s Governor Neil Abercrombie.

I say ?Thug in Chief? because, like all Governors, he?s the Commander in Chief of his State?s National Guard, and, like the de facto (acting without proper authority) Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military, he is a member of Obama?s band of thugs who have altered and overthrown our Constitutional form of government by unconstitutional means.

That?s Treason and Sedition ? pure and simple:

  • Treason if he was actually born in HI of a U.S. Citizen mother ? making him at least a native-born citizen at birth, but not natural-born as required by the Constitution ? to which he has sworn;
  • Sedition if he was actually born (where all the real evidence indicates) outside the U.S. ? making him a foreign-born domestic enemy within the gates.

Abercrombie apparently thinks that his blathering and blubbering rants about being ?here? (in Hawaii) when the little fella? was born (I was somew?here? in Germany with the military [and Elvis] when Obama was born, so what does that make me?) will make the ?Birthers? go away.? All he has done is to raise the ?WHERE?S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?? sign program to a new level; a bigger billboard than Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily could have imagined ? whilst hoisting himself on his own petard.

As the erstwhile Pogo was oft heard to say: ?I have seen the enemy, and he are us!?.




Abercrombie also makes himself a true ?Birther? by exposing his joined-at-the-hip (and heart) alliance with the original ?Birther?, Barack Hussein-The Long Legged Mack Daddy-Obama, who was a member of the 2008 Senate Committee that demanded the birth records of Songbird John McCain, so that they could pass a resolution (SB511) that McCain was indeed ?natural-born?, since both his parents were U.S. citizens when he was born on the sovereign soil of Panama.


So again we say, ?Thank you?, Governor Neil Abercrombie for publicly promoting that stinking red herring ? Obama?s forged and fabricated CERTIFICATION of LIVE BIRTH (not a CERTIFICATE) that makes 180 million Americans (60%) who have doubts as to whether Barack Hussein Obama can issue anything but unlawful orders even surer of their doubts.

And that is why we say make today, January 1, 2011, LTC LAKIN DAY, as you STAND UP for the Constitution, and STAND DOWN from all unlawful orders.



What more can be done to support this man who was denied discovery at his trial? Is this Nazi Germany?


And for further clarification as to why the hidden ?Birth Certificate? is such a dead and stinking ??red herring?, read JB Williams latest article in ?WHO CARES WHERE OBAMA WAS BORN??, which ends with this:

A much better question is who is going to remove this fraudulent thug from office in handcuffs?

If Republicans don?t address this issue upon swearing into power in January, then Republicans are complicit, the constitution is dead, and the people are on their own.

The American patriot either gets this one right, or they get nothing else right.? The world is not laughing at Obama, they are laughing at the ignorant spineless Americans who prefer politicking over their own constitution.? As long as we fail to clean up our own house, the rest of the world has no reason to respect our opinions on anything else.

We right this wrong, or all wrongs stand!? The entire free world is watching and so far, nobody is impressed!


Editor?s Note: Perhaps every day could be Lt. Col. Lakin Day from henceforward until our former constitutional republic is restored.



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