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Lakin can evoke the ?ACLU terrorist strategy? to move his case to federal court, gain access to fair trial

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By Pamela Barnett, Retired Army Captain

Highly decorated?military surgeon ?LTC Terrence Lakin was treated far worse than what the ACLU thinks the U.S. treats some alleged terrorists being held at Guantanamo Naval Base.? Federal, International, and even military criminal trial standards dictate that the accused must have access to all evidence that would help prove his innocence in order for it to be considered a fair trial.? This was not the case for LTC Lakin during his recent court martial trial that led to federal convictions and loss of his freedom (now at Fort Leavenworth prison) and all pay and benefits from his 17-year stellar military career.

LTC Lakin can use the same legal tactics used by the ACLU and other progressive ?liberal? defense law firms that defend alleged terrorists that claim that they should have the same rights as American citizens. This legal strategy could grant LTC a new, fair trial with access to all evidence that could exonerate him.? Judge Lind and now Major General Horst have proven that the military will not give LTC Lakin a fair trial.

LTC Lakin was denied by military Judge Denise R. Lind access to all evidence that would exonerate him.? Why?? Well, Judge Lind was concerned that any release of pertinent information, especially regarding Obama?s records could ?embarrass? Obama (aka citizen of Indonesia Barry Soetoro aka Soebarkah).

What was LTC Lakin?s crime?? What did Lakin do that was so heinous to strip him of his Constitutional rights to a fair trial?? Did he murder more soliders than MAJ Hassan in a terrorist attack on a domestic military base?? Release top secret information to the enemy like Private Manning allegedly did?

All LTC Lakin did was ask a question then demand an answer that would confirm whether or not his military orders from Barack Obama were lawful.? LTC Lakin as well as millions of Americans know that there are real unanswered questions and outright lies and disinformation concerning Obama?s natural born and current citizenship status. The military and Congress failed LTC Lakin in not answering whether or not Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro is Constitutioinally eligible to be POTUS.? Congress and the courts failed to vet Obama?s qualifications and they cowardly point fingers at each other as to who is responsible, so the question remains unanswered.? LTC Lakin took a stand to honor his military officer oath to ensure that his orders were lawful and that he and his soldiers under his care were protected by the laws of the United States.

A Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus By a Person in Federal Custody can be filed by LTC Lakin in federal court to challenge his being denied his right to a fair, legal court martial trial.? This Petition would request a new trial in federal court under 28 USC 2241.? See code here .

An example of how to file this action can be found here.

It is up to LTC Lakin and his family to decide whether he wants to challenge his conviction and imprisonment.? This is a possible avenue for him.

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