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Visitor to Lt. Col. Lakin Turned Away


by Bob Pinkstaff


Ft. Leavenworth houses federal civilian prisoners and military prisoners and was built in the early 1900s

(Dec. 27, 2010) ? Yesterday (Sunday), I drove to Ft. Leavenworth with the intention of visiting with Lt. Colonel Lakin at the ?U.S. Disciplinary Barracks.?? There are two disciplinary barracks on the base, both located approx two miles inside the main gate,?with approximately one mile separation between the two. Weekend visiting hours are 0800 to 1100 & 1300 to 1600.

The explanation I got from a soldier stationed there was that the first barracks is for prisoners with five or more years? time to do. The second barracks (one mile away) is for prisoners with less than five years time to do. This soldier was good enough to lead me to the detention barracks and area; I?m not sure I could?ve found my way by verbal directions from the main gate.

Lt. Colonel Lakin is an inmate in the second barracks (less than five years? time to do). I showed my military ID card?to the MP at the desk and told him I was there to visit with Lt. Colonel Terrence Lakin.?I was asked, ?who I was there to see? (two different times), and each time I repeated ?Lt. Colonel Lakin.? The MP called someone and told them that I was there to visit with ?Terrence?; no last name, just ?Terrance.? I was asked if I was a family member. I said?no,?that I was a ?Patriot? and that he doesn?t know me personally. By this time I was beginning to get really upset with their attitude and their addressing of patriot and hero Lt. Colonel Lakin as ?Terrence?!

About 15 minutes later a MSgt MP came?to the desk asking again, ?who I was there to see.? Once again I repeated ?Lt. Colonel Lakin,? always using his rank in all responses/conversation with them. The conversation with the unconcerned MSgt MP was ?

MSgt MP: You can?t see him (no reason).

Me: Why not?

MSgt MP: He?s still being processed.

Me: I?ve driven over 450 miles (R/T) and would like to visit with him.

MSgt MP: Same answer, no; he?s still being processed.

Me: There are thousands of very concerned American citizens interested in patriot Lt. Colonel Lakin?s welfare, me included!

MSgt MP: He?s still being processed and you must be on an the approved ?visitors? list? by ?Terrence.?

Me: How do I get on?his approved ?visitors? list??

MSGT MP: He has to add your name.

Me: Would you tell him I was here to visit and would like to have him add my name to the list?

MSgt MP: No!

Me: I made a few choice comments regarding?the traitorous USURPER obama being free to roam while patriot and hero Lt. Colonel Lakin is locked up! I then left the building.


How long has Lt. Colonel Lakin been incarcerated at Ft. Leavenworth (still processing)?

Why so long to process?

Has/is Maj. General Karl Horst considering comments/facts before issuing a final ruling on Lt. Colonel Lakin?

On my way back to the main gate, just past the first detention barracks, I was?stopped for questioning by security. The MSgt MP called security after I left, telling them that he, MSgt MP, told me to leave and I wouldn?t do it. I made it very clear why I was on the base?and that the MSgt MP never did ask me to leave. I was also able to express our concerns?regarding patriot and hero Lt. Colonel Lakin?s imprisonment while the traitorous USURPER obama roams free etc. He listened to my short soap box speech and sent me on my way back to Wichita, KS.

That?s how the visit with Lt Colonel Lakin turned out, NO VISIT. It?s my opinion that Lt Colonel Lakin?s ?visitor list? will be very short and that the detention barracks is treating him as an obama?political prisoner.

Has Obama told the staff at Ft. Leavenworth to deny visitors to Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin? If so, why? Is that a federal civil rights violation?

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