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Defend the Constitution

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by Victor Smith

Does this document mean anything to those who are sworn to uphold it?

(Dec. 19, 2010) ? The Constitution theme is universal for all political parties, liberals, conservatives, moderates, and all religious groups.

As Members of Congress, you are sworn by oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, sworn without ANY mental reservation or purpose of EVASION. The incontrovertible act of failure to comply with ONE basic requirement of that Constitution by all branches so created, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, destroys the whole document.

Violation of the Constitution, Article II, Section 1, must cease.

The current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue boasts his father is Kenyan and he was a British citizen at birth. You need go no further to determine he is not born of U.S. Citizens (definition of natural born Citizen as he acknowledged in early 2008 while a Senator considering qualifications of another candidate). He cannot ever be constitutionally qualified for the office of President.

The DNC Chairwoman confirmed this in 2008 by certifying candidates to various states and omitting a declaration of Constitutional qualification to all states except Hawaii, which requires ?constitutionally-qualified? wording.

The Judicial Branch is unwilling to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies.

Under the Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Congress is charged with providing for the common defence. Since Article II, Section 1 directly bars the installation as President of a person who has ever owed allegiance to another nation, it is the duty of Congress to insure that only a natural born Citizen be installed as President.? Article II, Section 4 REQUIRES removal of Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors, which crimes reasonably include usurpation of office without qualifying in accordance with the Constitution.

Impeachment will not work because that initially accepts the accused is qualified to hold office, ignoring the fact that he is not.

From Your Constituent:


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