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The Army Treats a Murderer like a Prince but Vilifies Lakin

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by Miki Booth


Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin was denied a defense in a Gestapo-like rigged court-martial similar to that reported by Walter Fitzpatrick wherein the defendant is convicted before the hearing even begins

(Dec. 18, 2010) ? We all know the hell that the Army put LTC Terrence Lakin, Army Flight Surgeon, through. Makes one wonder what?s going on with another Army officer, Psychiatrist Nidal Hasan. Surely he?s getting special attention. After all, he served on Obama?s task force to recommend policy and procedures for Obama?s presidency regarding homeland security. The summation of recommendations were implemented to tilt heavily in favor of Muslims and treating anything Islam with political correctness. It stands to reason a different set of rules will apply to Hasan and in fact were considered the instant he began killing people on a military base.

Last we checked Hasan has unlimited access to family and friends and more legal advice than he can shake a stick at. Every cohort who knows how to game the system is lined up at Hasan?s feet. Will he ever face justice? Will Eric Holder ever weigh in on the prosecution of a Muslim who murdered 13 people? Doubtful. He only believes in prosecuting white America. Besides, it?s up to the Army, right?

Nidal Hasan is a Muslim terrorist and the U.S. Army knew he was out of control when he made anti-American statements over and over and they chose to ignore it because of political correctness. Conversely, they persecuted and prosecuted LTC Lakin for questioning Obama?s eligibility to be Commander-in-Chief. ?Lakin was denied discovery.? Military Judge Col. Denise Lind ruled she would not allow her courtroom to be used to embarrass Obama. After three days of court martial trial at Ft. Meade, MD, and a guilty verdict for disobeying orders, the jury deliberated Lakin?s punishment. If upheld, he will spend six months in Leavenworth Prison, forfeit his pay and be dismissed from the service.

Will Lakin have unlimited access to his family in Leavenworth as Hasan has? Upon conviction, Lakin?s military pay is cut off. But Hasan continues to receive pay until when, or if, he?s convicted of murder and that can be strung out forever. In the meantime, Hasan enjoys the art of using the Constitution against America and We the People, something we?ve taught Islam how to do very well.


Editor?s Note:?Why does the military leadership traitorously continue to cover for Obama?? Is it that they don?t want to give up?their?pensions, pay, benefits and prestige?? What do they think they will have once Obama has completely destroyed the U.S. government, which is the source of their income?? Once there is no more money to pay them and they are left with nothing, as Lt. Col. Lakin is, perhaps they will wish they had spoken out against a foreign national who seized the U.S. presidency by dissembling and deceit.

There is still a treason?complaint?against Obama that has never been unanswered.? How do Col. Denise Lind and her cohorts respond to that?? If Obama can be accused of treason, so can they, for pretending that Obama is legitimate when they know he isn?t.

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