S?bado, 18 de diciembre de 2010
Dream Act Amnesty Defeated Again Today!
Posted on Saturday, December 18 @ 12:30:10 EST
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC Americans for Legal Immigration PACFriends of ALIPAC,?

We have won another round against Reid, Pelosi, and Obama's Dream Act Amnesty!?

The Cloture Vote on HR 5281, which passed the House by a narrow margin, has failed with 55 votes for Cloture and 41 against leaving the bill supporters 5 votes short of what they needed.?

We want thank each and every one of you that has supported ALIPAC, or NumbersUSA, or the many other great organization leading the charge against this nationally destructive Amnesty.?

Your calls, donations, and emails have made the difference and you did it without significant mass media support from the major networks including Drudge Report which took a dive and kept silent on this issue again.?

We appreciate all of the sacrifices people have made and those working today instead of spending much deserved time with their friends and family members.?

While Dream Amnesty Cloture has failed we are not out of the woods just yet until the final bell rings and Congress adjourns for the session. In fact, we will not be truly safe until January 6, when the new historic Congress you helped to elect is sworn in.?

We must remain diligent and ready to respond at a moments notice through Christmas and New Years as evil Harry Reid and his traitors could try anything at any moment.?

But today, for this brief moment, our hard work has paid off.?

Three cheers for our victory over Dream Amnesty!?

Praise be to God for allowing us to still have a country today.?


William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team?

PS: Merry Christmas to our many friends and supporters! ?Your comments and feedback about this victory are welcome to be broadcast and preserved for posterity at this link....

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