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Dream Act Amnesty Equals The Destruction of America
Posted on Thursday, December 16 @ 13:06:06 EST
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC Americans for Legal Immigration PACDream Act Amnesty Equals The Destruction of America

Will allow Obama to declare amnesty for all illegal aliens.

December 16, 2010

William Gheen

President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)

The phones are ringing off the hooks in the US Senate as the Dream Act Amnesty bill that recently passed the House by a narrow margin hangs within one or two votes of passing the US Senate.

The phones are ringing with calls from illegal aliens and their supporters, who are backed by million dollar public relations groups, paid phone banks, massive media buys, and teams of professional lobbyists, who are trying to persuade US Senators to vote Yes on cloture to pass the Dream Amnesty.

Congress approval ratings have dived to historic lows in polls taken just on top of the Dream Amnesty vote, which is opposed by 59% of Americans and supported by only 22%. Despised Senator Harry Reid, who miraculously won his election with the help of illegal alien union workers in Las Vegas, is vowing to stay in session beyond Christmas to get his Dream Amnesty passed to further thwart the will of voters, who threw so many politicians out of DC this year.

On the other side, Americans who are aware of what kind of national destruction and hardship passage of the Dream Act Amnesty will cause are mounting a desperate defense. The calls are neck in neck and one of the reasons is that the broader swaths of Americans are not rising to oppose the bill.

The current dormancy of mom and pop America must change rapidly to have any hope of defeating the Dream Act Amnesty for the seventh time in as many years.


This dangerous sleep is being fueled by two major factors.
One, the pro-Amnesty and open borders lobby is exerting its influence to stop major conservative political communications and news channels from relaying the facts about the Dream Act Amnesty sham. Two, the sales pitch being sent out about innocent little children benefiting from Dream Amnesty is very powerful, when taken on its face value. The truth is that most of these warm fuzzy claims about Dream Amnesty are lies.

Americans who value borders and future immigration enforcement are being encouraged to f
lood the US Senate with calls against the Dream Amnesty. You need to call and write all of the media outlets that are not covering this story or are feeding you the propaganda.

Americans must realize the following facts and take action immediately.

First of all, the
Dream Act Amnesty will turn millions of current illegal aliens into legalized workers, students, and voters. This means that millions of innocent American citizens will be displaced and replaced. Please picture yourself or your children and grandchildren not getting a job, not getting into the college of their choice or college at all, and your votes being counteracted by millions of illegal alien voters.

In a world of limited resources, millions of American jobs, college seats, and votes will be transferred to people who broke into America to take these things without permission.

Dream Act Amnesty would also qualify most illegal aliens for in-state tuition subsidies and affirmative action programs, which would force US taxpayer to replace their own children in the limited seats in our colleges at taxpayer expense!

Second, the Dream Act Amnesty is not for children and will not be limited to just a few million illegal aliens. The supporters of the Dream Act Amnesty have made it clear that passage of this friendly sounding legislation is just a lever to gain the full Amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens in America today! In fact, once they legalize the Dream Act Amnesty recipients, politically stopping full Amnesty will become almost impossible. Once the full Comprehensive Amnesty becomes law, there will be no reasonable expectation of future enforcement of America's existing immigration and border laws.

America as you have known it will be gone forever along with our borders.

With over 80% of Americans demanding that our existing border and immigration laws be enforced, and even with the full backing of both the US Constitution and existing federal laws, our borders remain open and unsecured. Illegal aliens roam freely in America as unrestrained workers, students, and voters already. All Congress is really doing is giving a rubber stamp legitimacy to the massive crimes already committed against America and Americans.

If we
Americans of every race, party, and walk of life representing over 80% who want our borders protected cannot have our way in our own nation, then all hope will be lost once millions of illegal aliens are made citizens, voters, workers, and students who will be deployed against us.

Third, even before the mass Comprehensive Amnesty kicks in, it is probable that many more millions of illegal aliens will be given citizenship under Dream Act Amnesty, rather than the current 1-2 million being promoted by bill sponsors.

Not only can millions of illegal aliens making false unverifiable claims be instantly immune to deportation, but any illegal immigrants caught by Homeland Security can claim they qualify for Dream Amnesty, if it is passed based on 'Prima facie' evidence. Simply put, any apprehended illegal can claim they are under 30, brought here as kids, and planning on attending college so deportation will be waived, and if nobody rebuts their claims, since Homeland Security plans to keep applicants confidential, good luck checking on their work and so much for open government!

The Dream Act Amnesty bill that just passed Congress has no funding or details on how the provisions of the bill will be enforced, and even if funding and mechanisms for enforcement were added, there is no reasonable expectation that the Obama administration will enforce those laws. Only those eager to grasp for desperate hopes like the floating wreckage around our sinking national ship would succumb to such folly. Please if there one existing immigration or border law that has been adequately enforced over the last ten years?

Why would a Department of Homeland Security that skipped the process of comparing millions of legal immigrant applicants against the terrorism watch databases bother with checking the claims of Dream Act Amnesty supporters?

Americans have been betrayed in the highest levels of our own government, which is now helping illegal aliens and the terrorists among them to enter and remain in our midst!

The promoters of the Dream Act Amnesty including numerous elected officials, pundits, and members of the biased media claim, "The Dream Act is for undocumented residents, who have been in America for more than five years, are under the age of 30, and were brought here under the age of 16 by their parents can enter college or the military."

These are not assurances, these are claims and in many cases they will be false!

There is no magic machine that tells us when and where someone was born, at what age they crossed the borders illegally, that they are of good moral character, or how long they have been in America.

Even if funding and enforcement mechanisms were actually added to the deficient Dream Act Amnesty, how would authorities verify the dates of birth and border crossing of a 50 year old illegal alien from the back country of Brazil or Nicaragua?

There's not even a requirement that Dream Act Amnesty recipients have a clean criminal record. Nor are they required to even finish college or their military service! It just requires the claim they will go to college or join the military.

All that will be happening here is that millions of illegal aliens will sign their names or make their mark on a piece of government paper claiming they are under 30, claiming they have been in the US over 5 years, claiming they are of good moral character, and claiming they were brought here as children.

Now this part may come as a shocker to many of you, but a lot of illegal aliens are going to lie to get what they want and will make false claims that will never be verified.

And why not? The existing hijacked American government has shown illegal aliens that they can engage in an extensive pattern of criminal acts to the detriment of American citizens and get away with it. Our nation currently has no immigration or border enforcement credibility.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano and Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Alan Bersin actively promote Amnesty for illegal aliens, while thousands of Americans and new border patrol agents like Brian Terry are killed.

Giving illegal aliens any form of Amnesty such as Dream and Comprehensive will be like letting bank robbers keep part of the money, if they are ever caught. Such a policy would lead to more bank robberies as
Dream Amnesty will lead to more illegal immigration.

The worst of these problems in the Dream Act Amnesty bill HR 5281, which is up for consideration in the Senate, is the 'waiver' on page 5 line 21 Sec. 6 (a)(2) that allows the Secretary of Homeland Security, the American patriot antagonist Janet Napolitano, to waive all of the enforcement requirements arbitrarily for any illegal aliens she wants.? Thus, the Dream Act Amnesty bill that is close to passing gives Homeland Security the option of granting mass Amnesty to all illegal aliens in America through executive decree!?

"(2) WAIVER.?With respect to any benefit under this section and sections...the Secretary of Homeland Security may waive the... ground of inadmissibility ...and the ground of deportability... for humanitarian purposes or family unity or when it is otherwise in the public interest."

This provision will grant the Obama administration the power to declare full amnesty for the 12 to 20 million adult illegal immigrants in America!


Different groups estimate that there are over 1 Billion people on the earth, mostly in 3rd world gang rule poverty areas, who would like to take part of the United States for themselves if allowed. After years of hearing of our unenforced borders and immigration laws, they are now hearing Congress will wave a wand and make them citizens once they break in.

With millions of established illegal alien voters, students, and workers keeping Americans on deep retreat within our own borders, the next batch of ten million illegal aliens will arrive soon, if Dream Act Amnesty passes.

Those elite special interest groups and personalities, who are responsible for this invasion and betrayal of the public trust want to destroy America and replace Americans who paid the bills, built the nation, and fought the wars to preserve our way of life with a new army of more manageable people.

Dream Act Amnesty is a political teddy bear with a hand grenade in it. It is a spoon full of sugar and lies in order to make the poison go down.

Americans and lawmakers who believe the lie on its surface appearance will soon see the smiles on faces fade as the hook line and sinker are swallowed.

America you must awaken to the truth and you must knock that cup of poison out of the hands of Lady Liberty before we are all cast into the darkness of national destruction and a future for us all of retreat within our own nation.

Take action to fight back against the Dream Act Amnesty at www.ALIPAC.us


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